The Perfect Writer’s Block

I have a bad case of writer’s block.

Actually, this feels more like writer’s “hit the The Wall while being shot at by the Night Watch and surrounded by White Walkers” block.

The reason?  I don’t like anything that I have been writing down.  I am starting to collect a wastepaper basket of virtual stories in my Draft section, with no desire to hit the Publish button.

What’s my problem?


Yep, I could do a review or share an existing post like many bloggers do.  I actually really like reading those type of posts…but it’s not me.

I like to do something Unique.

I have come to realize that this may mean that I will never get to 1,000 followers (heck, I’d be happy to reach 20).  That’s okay.  At the end of the day when I see what I’ve done, I’m proud of it…..even the ones that weren’t that great.

So…what’s a geek-inspired blogger to do?

Well, I do exactly what I am doing right now….I continue to blog.

You see, little ol’ me has something in common with every writer out there.  It doesn’t matter if you are trying to build your site…or turn out the latest Hollywood blockbuster.  At some point while skipping down the yellow brick Road to Creativity you trip over your shoelaces and hit the ground, HARD.  While you sit there with a skinned knee you have a debate with your inner voice about whether you should bother getting up again.


I may end up with a post that’s viewed by 3 people, or even 30.  That’s okay.

These are my words on the screen.  My little take on the world of GEEK.

So, bear with me for a bit.  I promise that I will turn out posts that will interest you, inspire you, or just give you something quick to read while you’re waiting for your morning coffee.

I’m glad that you stopped by.

Hope to see you again,


p.s.- If you do want to learn a little about me or see where else I hang out, feel free to click below.

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