Space Oddities-08.21.2016: TNO Niku

Welcome to my first Sunday post focusing on articles about our universe.  I am always looking for stories that are fascinating, odd and even humorous.  This first one actually is all three…..



Did you ever know a kid in school (or were you that kid), that just went through life to the beat of a different drum?  Well, now the universe has a “kid” like that and they call it NIKU.

I first came across this story in Popular Mechanics.  Niku is a 124 mile object beyond Neptune’s orbit.  Objects like Niku are called trans-Neptunian objects or TNOs. What makes Niku so special is that it is orbiting BACKWARDS around the sun, in the opposite direction from most other objects in the solar system.

No one knows why.

Check of the article below for more on this new discovery.  There is also another article from New Scientist with more facts, including a story about another celestial mystery, Planet Nine (no relation to the movie).


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2 thoughts on “Space Oddities-08.21.2016: TNO Niku

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  2. There are vast mysteries in space we might never know, as budgets for research are cut short. Instead we fund useless things that tell us what we already know. Like it is bad form and bad for their health if Chinese prostitutes drink while working. Apparently drunk people don’t remember to make their soldiers put on their muzzle protectors and get shot… erm, sick. Really? Granny coulda told you drinking led to bad decisions, we didn’t need to blow 200 million on it. That could’ve led to real discoveries instead!! Spend our science dollars better, learn the why’s and hows!! Okay, rant over…. for now.

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