Tattoos, Connections and Fandom

Sorry for the late post everyone.  Family vacation.  So on to this week’s topic…..

Once the mark of warriors and rebels, the tattoo has become commonplace in our society.  You can see everything from a small symbol that can be easily hidden, to full body art.

One of the most popular types of tattoo work is as an expression of one’s fandom.  So what inspire’s someone to permanently ink an image, symbol or even a face from a favourite show, movie or actor on their body?

I think that even though tattoos are now seen as the norm, geek tattoos are still regarded as something flippant and not as serious as more “traditional” tattoos.  If you were to tell someone that you have a tattoo of the Death Star because you love Star Wars, how is that any different from getting a butterfly because you love butterflies?

Let’s take my two tattoos as an example.  The one on the left I had done around 2006.  The saying was on a hope chest that our friends gave us when we got married.  It means “In  Love Believe”.  The zodiacs are of my husband and each of our boys.

Then look at my TARDIS tattoo, which I had done the following year.  This tattoo was for ME, just as the first one was for my family.

20160821_110703.jpg                        20160820_174834.jpg

To look at it, the natural assumption is that I am a Whovian.  While that is true, my real reason for getting it is because I am a geek and for me, this is one of the most recognizable images of geekdom.  I have had people from an elderly couple at an antiques shop to a young couple in a line up at A Day Out With Thomas recognize and comment on my piece.  It has even appeared in Geek Inked Magazine when they were at Fan Expo in 2013.  Being a geek is as much a part of my personality as being a mother and writer.

So you see, both have special meanings for me.

I am going to get just getting slightly off topic for a minute and talk about my tagline Geek.Mother.Writer.  It wasn’t done to just be catchy.  Being a geek gave me support in my childhood, leading me to livelong friendships and meeting my soul mate.  Being a mother is incredible but I couldn’t be who I am without my boys.  Being a writer is also something that has been with me for years, and while I put it aside as I “grew up and became an adult”, I have come to realize that it is as much a part of me as the other two.

(I am mentioning this because I am actually thinking on getting this done as a tattoo as well….maybe…still thinking about it).

When it comes down to it, it’s all about connections, and nothing shows your connection to something like having it permanently marked on your body.

A geek-inspired tattoo can have as much personal meaning as a regular tattoos.  I found a fantastic article from Buzzfeed, who asked people to show their geekiest tattoos.  The tattoos are as diverse as the reasons that people got them.  Here is one of photos with the explanation (it’s #34),

“In honor of all the hours I played my Game Boy when I was a kid.”

Here is the full article.  Give it a read, including the comment section and see the many reasons why people get this type of tattoo.

You cannot judge a person’s tattoos (or piercings) without knowing the full story behind it.  I have had the most wonderful chats with people about my tattoos.  While I have never had anyone say “that is silly” when they saw my TARDIS, I have had them give “that look”, that glance of disapproval when they are too polite to say anything.

Geek-inspired tattoos are as inspirational as any other type of tattoo.  They are works of  beauty and creativity.  They tell stories of fandom love and inspiration.

So the next time that you see this type of tattoo, whether on the street or at a convention (if circumstances permit) ask about it.  I love to talk about my tattoos and I think that most tattooed geeks would feel the same.

Author Anastasia Hollings once said:

“Every picture tells a story. But sometimes it’s hard to know what story is actually being told.”
Anastasia Hollings, Beautiful World

In this case, you just have to ask.

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13 thoughts on “Tattoos, Connections and Fandom

  1. I love and fear tattoos. I want to get one, but I’ve been through so many changes in my life that I wonder often, “What will remain true and good to me throughout the years?” The closest I’ve gotten to an answer was not inspiration from my faith or my family; it was Harry Potter! Throughout the crises of life, I’ve always loved and been inspired by the Boy who Lived and his friends, and the theme of the Patronus is one which continues to give me comfort at my lowest moments. So thank you for continuing to affirm that a tattoo idea which is “geeky” does not mean it is any less of an idea. Besides, the art for your TARDIS is GORGEOUS!

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  2. I agree about not judging someone based on their tattoos. It’s kinda like the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” My first Tattoo was of the drawing Rafiki made of Simba in The Lion King except I tweaked it to my standards. (Different colors) Everyone things the artist messed up but in reality I asked him to change the color to fit my personality.

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  3. Geek tattoos are the best! Never let anyone tell you otherwise.People tend to have a lot to say about tattoos anyway but if you’re going to put something on your body permanently then why shouldn’t it be of something as special as your favorite movie, series or game? One of my best friends is a total nerd and he has tats from Adventure Time, Final Fantasy games, Mario characters…and they mean something so much more than if he had chosen some random, pretty design. I’m actually designing my own Buffy tattoo and of course one of the Millennium Falcon. Awesome post! 🙂

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  4. My tattoo is the avatar for you’ll see beside my name, based on my call sign overseas. I’ve always believed that the one hard and fast rule of tattoos is simply that they are meaningful to you. If it is, I can get behind it. If, no matter how cool of a job the artists did, you simply walked into the shop and pointed to something on a wall, THEN I will judge you.

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