W.I.G.’s Top Ten Sci-Fi Captains

In honor of the first post of my new blog series Space Oddities, I thought that it would be fun to share my top ten list of favourite sci-fi captains.  Now the word “captain” is more of a general title than an official one.

My main…okay ONLY real criteria was that they are in charge of a ship or space station.  No captain is complete without a ship to command.


Now my first entry is not a captain in the traditional sense…….


Number 10 – Pilot        Ship:  Moya, a Leviathan transport vessel
Source:  Farscape, tv series (1999-2003)

TV Show - Farscape  Pilot Wallpaper


It can often be said the relationship between a ship and her captain is very close, but seldom is it as close as it is with Pilot and Moya.  On one side, you have Moya.  She is a part of a race of giant, peaceful bio-mechanical ships who live their whole lives in space.  On the other side, you have Pilot (voiced by actor Lani Tupu).  Pilot’s species has a symbiotic relationship with the great Leviathans.  Despite the tragic start to their relationship, he becomes her voice…her heart.  Both characters grow to become the heart of the Farscape crew, with Pilot being the voice of calm and wisdom.  He feels what she does, and this bond not only allows the rest  of the crew to understand her, it makes the beauty of the relationship between them even more special.



NUMBER 9 – Star-Lord/Peter Quill        Ship:  The Milano
Source:  Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


For one whose only real knowledge of the Guardians is from the movie, I love Chris Pratt’s portrayal of the charismatic and egotistical half-human leader of the group.  The ship is actually named after Peter Quill’s 80s crush, actress Alyssa Milano(Charmed).  His adolescent behaviour and love of all things retro is only matched by the fact at the end of the day, he’s one of the good guys.  This scene is a little long, but I think that it sums him up nicely.



Number 8 – Captain Dylan Hunt     Ship:  Andromeda Ascendant, Glorious Heritage-class High Guard heavy cruiser
Source:  Andromeda, tv series (2000-2005)


Those familiar with the series recall that Captain Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) was trying to restore the Commonwealth after spending 300 years trapped in a black hole’s event horizon.  The great thing about Hunt was his absolute conviction that the Commonwealth could be restored.  He maintained that vision despite the obstacles around him.  That unwavering attitude and his quiet strength was reflected in his ship, the Andromeda Ascendant and her AI Rommie.  Over the course of the series, fans were able to see just how strong their  bond was and that it went far beyond man and machine. (sorry that the voice/video is a little mismatched).



Number 7 – Commander/Admiral William Adama   Ship:  Battlestar Galactica, Colonial battlestar ship
Source:  Battle Gallactica, tv series (1978-1979, 2004-2009)

William Adama was a powerful presence on the Galactica, but not only because he was the guy in charge.  His personality was a mix of strength and wisdom, portrayed brilliantly by both Lorne Green and Edward James Olmos. The ship was a reflection of her commander, a symbol of strength and hope for the human race.  I grew up with Lorne Greene’s Adama, so I thought that a click from the original series would be most fitting.



Number 6 – Commander Jeffrey Sinclair/Captain John Sheridan     Station:  Babylon 5
Source:  Babylon 5, tv series (1994-1998)


Babylon 5 had not one, but two commanders.  Jeffrey Sinclair (Michael O’Hare) ran the station in Season 1 and was replaced by John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) for the remainder of the series.  Each had a passion for helping Babylon 5.  Sinclair had a more calm and controlled persona, compared to the more intense and emotional Sheridan.  This worked well as the series became more intense and darker in the later seasons.  I found both characters to be a perfect fit for their roles in B5’s story.  It is difficult to describe in a short paragraph how each character worked so well.  The opening credits seems to sum it up nicely…first up, Sinclair’s season….

…by Season 3, things are darker, which works well for Sheridan’s type of commander…..



Number 5 – Dutch        Ship:  Lucy, an AI ship
Source:  Killjoys, tv series (2015-present)


Loyal, bad ass and complicated are three words to describe the complex Dutch.  A Level 5 Killjoy, she is Lucy’s owner but I would say that they have more of a partnership.  She has a complicated past and even the two closest to her, brothers John and D’avin Jaqobis, don’t know all of her secrets.  She is intense but still has a vulnerable aspect to her personality that she keeps guarded.  This clip IS Dutch.



Number 4 – Captain Malcolm  “Mal” Reynolds      Ship:  Serenity, Firefly-class transport vessel
Source:  Firefly, tv series (2002-2003)

Nathan Fillion’s take on Captain Mal in this Western space drama was incredible.  Nathan is Mal and Mal is Nathan.  Aboard the Serenity with his crew, Mal was every bit the anti-hero.  While he would do whatever it took to make a quick buck, he did have a strange sense of morals when it came to just how far he would go.  As a captain, his love of his ship was only matched by his loyalty to his crew.  Pair that with a sarcastic wit that’s as quick as his gun, and it’s easy to see why he places at #4 on my list.



Number 3 – The Star Trek Captains    Ships:  Enterprise NX-01, USS Enterprise (A, D, E), Deep Space 9, USS Defiant, USS Voyager
Source:  Star Trek, tv series (various)

I could make a blog just about the Star Trek captains.  I actually don’t have a favourite.  I have enjoyed all of them, from Kirk’s (and Pine’s) swagger to Picard’s courage.  From Archer’s wide-eyed enthusiasm to Janeway’s calm presence and Sisko’s patient demeanor.  Each captain brought a unique take on what is was to be in Starfleet.  To fully understand how the actors approached their roles, check out the fantastic William Shatner documentary, The Captains…..



Number 2 – Han Solo       Ship:  The Millenium Falcon, a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter 
Source: Star Wars 


The daring smuggler who stole a  princess’ heart and saved a galaxy has become one of the most recognized characters to ever grace the silver screen.  Along with Chewbacca, Han Solo proven himself a fierce fighter while keeping his sharp and sarcastic wit firmly intact.  What else is there to say that hasn’t been said a hundred times before?



So….my number 1 “captain” is…..



The Doctor       Ship: the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Space)

Source:  Doctor Who, tv series (various)



Every since gracing the tv screen in the 60s, this British icon has taken us on adventures in time aboard his familiar blue box.  His ability to regenerate has lead to many and varied personas for this one character, however the affection for his ship never changes.  His companions may come and go, but he will always have the TARDIS.  The following clip, from the episode The Doctor’s Wife, is why he is number 1.


There you have it, my top 10 favourite captains.  Thanks to YOUTUBE for providing all of  the clips.


Do you agree with my choices?  Did I miss anyone?  Comment on my site, on Twitter or Facebook (see the links in About Me) and let me know.

Check back here on Sunday for my next installment of Space Oddities!  If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at my first post yet, here’s the link…

Space Oddities-08.21.2016: TNO Niku


Feature image  www.wallpapercave.com   Character pictures courtesy of http://www.imdb.com unless otherwise stated.

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  2. WELL……Captain Mal Reynolds should definitely be at one or two!! Followed closely by Captain Dylan Hunt and Admiral William Adama. I’ll reserve judgement on the Killjoys, as I’ve never seen it but at least the list was good! 🙂 Maybe throw in Luke Skywalker, as he commanded a fighter craft with distinction!! Oh, and Colonel Everett Young, commander of the Ancient spaceship Destiny in the tv series STARGATE UNIVERSE! Sigh, we lost that show too soon..

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