Space Oddities-08.28.2016: A Star is Born

Thanks to my friend Dave for today’s article!


What do you get when you mix a team of astronomers with high-tech and an undergrad’s summer research project?


Why a baby massive star of course.  In this case, one that is already 30 times the mass of our Sun.


Heavy, man. 😉


Researchers, lead by a team from the University of Cambridge, have found a young massive star 11,000 light years from our galaxy.  They are going to have the rare opportunity to learn how massive stars are formed.


They are not the only ones excited.  Remember the undergrad that I mentioned?

The initial phases of this work were part of an undergraduate summer research project at the University of St Andrews, funded by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS). The undergraduate carrying out the work, Pooneh Nazari, said, “My project involved an initial exploration of the observations, and writing a piece of software to ‘weigh’ the central star. I’m very grateful to the RAS for providing me with funding for the summer project — I’d encourage anyone interested in academic research to try one!”


Learn more about this research and those involved below….


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