Space Oddities-09.04.2016: A Nice Place To Visit….

So I just got back from four days at FAN EXPO CANADA with my family and my head is still in a bit of a fog.  It only makes sense that I would be doing a post about space right now, considering how “out there” I am feeling. 🙂


Before I left, the internet was abuzz with the discovery of a new “potentially habitable” exoplanet called Proxima Centauri b.  That same time I came across NASA’s JLA…I mean JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) “tourism” space posters.  The idea was to spark the imagination that one day travelling to a different planet would be as routine as travelling to another country.


Titan - JPL Travel Poster


Learning about the universe is not just studying how stars are formed (like in my last post).  It’s also about where we can go once we learn what’s out there.


This is the stuff that movies and books are made of folks.


So, would YOU do it?  If given the chance, would you travel to the stars?


Think about it.


In the meantime, check out the two articles below and you can GOOGLE Proxima Centauri b to learn even more about this new discovery.

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