Space Oddities-09.11.2016: Beauty, Chaos and 9/11

As I started to put this blog together on Saturday, I realized what the date would be when I posted it….September 11.  For a moment, I wondered if posting pictures about how beautiful the universe is would really be appropriate given the significance of the day.



Simple.  Out of one of the most horrific days in North American history (and heaven knows the world has seen its fair share since then), with its loss of life and continuing backlash against individuals (undeserving) who have done nothing to warrant the anger thrown at them, emerged stories of kindness, miracles and strength.

But here isn’t really the place to post them.

So I will post sites that have pretty pictures of the universe just like I planned.  Think about it.  The universe was (and still is) created out of chaos.  Yet, if you were to sit in your backyard one clear summer night, I challenge you to look up at that chaos and not see the beauty.

Humankind is strong…just like the universe that we live in.  We don’t know how long we have here, no more than the stars.  Yet, out of all the terrible things that we see and hear, beauty, in the form of kindness and strength…always shines through.


I have attached just a few of the many sites out there, showing views that can be both seen on earth, as well as with some of NASA’s high-tech.

I hope that you enjoy them.  If you have the chance, take the time to take a look at the sky one night and see the beauty that emerged from that chaos

…until next week everyone, take care of yourselves.


(I decided not try to pull a picture directly from Instagram.  It’s not easy to do, and I didn’t want to use a picture where I didn’t have permission directly from the source)

I follow this on Instagram.  The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and are from pictures from around the world. Some are “altered” a bit to emphasize the beauty but most are “au natural”.  Scroll down their gallery.  They have a nice surprise that you don’t normally see just by viewing their pictures individually.



See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

Io over Jupiter from Voyager I

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

Mars in the clouds

These images are from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day:

While it has various types of images, what is great about this site is that it gives an explanation from a professional astronomer about all of their pictures.





Hubble Captures View of 'Mystic Mountain'

Hubble had its own “Mystic Mountain”



(The Hobbit reference in case you were wondering…and yes, it is called the “Mystic Mountain”)

– Hubble pictures…I don’t think that this needs an explanation.




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