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Since I started this little journey in April, I have been all over the map with the topics that I’ve covered.  I mean, I’ve done both LEGO AND Horror in the same month!  Some have been pretty well received, some…meh. (appreciate all the views though 😉 ).

I also just realized that I had the wrong link for my Facebook page in my About MeImage result for facepalm emoji

I am stumbling around a bit trying to find where to go to next.  Should I go back to comics?  Explore the stars? (started that bit already).

This is not a case of writer’s block (I wrote a blog about that already, right here ….oh look…blantant self-promotion! 😉 )  It’s more a case of getting myself organized, finding ONE topic, and sticking to it.

I’m kind of like Dug the dog in UP!, looking around and hap…..Look!  Squirrel!


See what I mean?

My tagline is Geek.Mother.Writer. and I have touched on the Geek part and the Writer part.  However, not so much on the Mother part (except in my very first post here…oh shoot…there goes that blatant self-promotion again. 😉 )

Well, let’s go there then.  I am a mom of two teenage boys (13 and 15) whom I love dearly.  I am often told to enjoy each stage that my children go through, as time is fleeting and they won’t be at home forever (how many more years before university?).

As with all teens, they are self-centered, at times obnoxious and mouthy and have a condition known as “selective hearing”.

They are also kind, warm, funny and they still like to give their ol’ mom hugs (sniff, getting all choked up here…ack…nope, just a hairball). Image result for laughing cat emoji (I’m a bit of an odd duck at times).

They are also, just like their parents…geeks.

Now one would think that having kids who are geeks like yourself would be wonderful.  At times it is.  We are currently going through Dragons:  Race to the Edge Season 3 (having exhausted all other episodes on Netflix).  We have seen every Marvel movie and for the last four, soon to be five years, have gone to a geek-themed movie on Christmas Eve (all 3 Hobbit movies, Star Wars:  The Force Awakens, and this year, Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story…THANK YOU TO THE CINEMA THAT STAYS OPEN FOR US!)

Image result for rogue one official poster

The down side is that we don’t always agree on the same thing.  That means that a Netflix movie night can end with no movie, two kids gaming on their laptops, and parents rewatching something that they’ve already seen (you know, just in case the kids DO want to watch that new DC movie later).

We also all love music.  You will find movie soundtracks mixed in with rock and alternative music in our car.  We all love our gaming technology (currently there are 4 gaming systems in our house, though 1 or 2 may be sold off to purchase new stuff soon…hellloooo PS4!). We love our board games (I currently recommend Terror in Meeple City and King of Tokyo, which saved our family when we were (unexpectedly ) without WiFi while on vacation).


Our kids grew up wearing Darth Vader costumes a few years in a row and cosplayed as the 11th Doctor and a zombie at Fan Expo Canada.  The 13-year old is thinking that Pikachu would be fun to do this year (the older one isn’t sure…’cause…you know…he’s too old for that sort of thing 😉 ).


Halloween 2015

Having boys didn’t make a difference.  If we ended up with girls, we would still be doing the same thing (I have been a geek FOREVER, my kids were going to be raised as geeks).

I think that being a houseful of geeks is no different from having a houseful of sports enthusiasts.  We are passionate, slightly crazy and loyal (the boys both had their “geek moment” at Fan Expo this year, meeting the voice of Mario (Charles Martinet) and Detective Gordon (Ben McKenzie) from Gotham.

Like any parent, I can’t imagine not having my kids around.  I didn’t always feel that way.  I thought that having kids would mean that I couldn’t do all of the geeky things that I like to do (like gaming and conventions).  It really has been a wild adventure and promises to continue.  I just hope that if they one day fall in love and get married (honestly, I am okay if they don’t), that their significant other will be equally geeky.  If not….well, there could be issues…. :).

So, there you have it.  A bit of a glimpse into my life as a geeky woman, married to a geeky man and having two geeky kids.

How about you?  Are you a parent, aunt, uncle, buddy, etc. to a cool kid?  What kind of things do you do together?  How alike are you?

Let me know (as much as you are comfortable with sharing on a public forum anyhow).

Feel free to share your stories in the COMMENT section.  Until then, I hope that the rest of your week is a great one!

– Tina

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