Space Oddities-09.18.2016: Red Planet Bound

By the time that my boys are grown and having families of their own, humans will be exploring the red planet.  Sound far-fetched?  Not if NASA has anything to say about it.

This idea has already moved from science fiction to science fact.  For the last few years, NASA has been undergoing preparations to take this idea from the drawing board to human exploration by the 2030s.

This isn’t just about trying to get settled on the red planet either.  New technologies and processes are being created. Starting with Asteroid Initiative in 2013, advancements have been made with NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) (here) and its successful test flight of the unmanned Orion spacecraft (here) in 2014.  Experiments also began last year aboard the International Space Station.  NASA just recently presented its latest update to the White House (here).  While it isn’t all smooth sailing (there are concerns about the final cost of the entire project), it hasn’t stopped NASA from moving forward.

Do you think that you’d have what it takes to live and work on Mars?  Check out these promotional posters advertising for some of the positions being “offered”.  Maybe it’s a job opportunity that your kids (or grandkids) could apply for.

Artist's concept of an astronaut exploring Mars, rappelling down a canyon wall, with a Martian moon in the night sky.

Explorers Wanted!

For details on this amazing adventure, click below

Journey to Mars Overview

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