Six Months Later: Blog Update

Well, it’s been six months since I started this blog.  Like all bloggers,  I have learned some technical stuff, just how much work goes into a blog and what does or doesn’t work when it comes to attracting followers.

I have had a LOT of traffic (as of today I have had 1000+ views and 500 visitors). I have a whole whack of Likes and Comments (we bloggers LOVE to chat and share our support. 🙂  )

I am now looking at what I would like to improve  on.  I made some visual changes a little while ago.  I now have a logo (I have a friend that does T-shirts, etc. who took it and redesigned it to make it biz card/T-shirt friendly.  He put it on Instagram and I have shared that image on Twitter (@tina_mcfarlane) if anyone wants to see it though it’s not a final version.  I hadn’t given too much thought to it until recently).

While I have said before that I don’t want to try to be the biggest blog out there, I DO want to try to be the best blogger that I can be.  That means, making some changes.

My tagline is GEEK.MOTHER.WRITER and with that in mind, I have decided to add some more posts.

M is for Monday and also for MOTHER.  I will post parent-related topics.  They will sometimes have a geek flair to them, sometimes they won’t.

Wednesdays – I already have my typical Wednesday (sometimes Tuesday is I have to) post which people are used to seeing.  The topics are normally on geek culture but recently have been all over the place.  From now on, they will be just for GEEK culture related stuff.

Fridays – This is where the WRITER in me will come out to play.  I am toying around with writing advice stuff that I find, my own struggles, and maybe a few reviews.

Sundays are my SPACE ODDITIES posts.  I don’t get a lot of traffic but they are fun to do and that’s ultimately why I blog in the first place…because it’s FUN!.

Now, surprisingly enough, this is not adding a bunch of work for me.  I have been finding that I am pulling these ideas together anyhow, but would not follow through because I couldn’t figure out just where they fit.  Now that issue has been resolved.  One of the things that I quickly learned is that you don’t need to write a thesis to write a good post.

My goal is to give my readers some variety and a more streamlined site.  Those who like my parenting stuff with look for my Monday posts, those who like geek posts will check on Wednesdays, etc.

It’s all about making it easier for people to find what they like and it also makes it easier for me to organize.

At this point, I won’t rearrange any of my published posts.  It’s not just that I’m lazy (I am), but the majority of my current stuff falls into the GEEK category (with a little bit of WRITER and a dash of MOTHER).

I hope that everyone will like the changes.  As always, feel free to leave comments and suggestions!

I will have a new SPACE ODDITIES post tomorrow, so feel free to come back then!

Until later everyone…..


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2 thoughts on “Six Months Later: Blog Update

  1. I love the new schedule! I’ve been absolutely swamped with work (which is a good thing) and haven’t been able to make as many rounds as I used to (boo). I really hope this new schedule makes a big difference for you. I know on my end, adding a schedule really streamlined the process of generating content. I spent many mornings waking up, giving baby Thor his bottle, and thinking, “Oh man, I have no idea what I’m going to write about today.” As soon as I started a schedule there was comfort in having a direction to apply my effort (instead of floundering about).

    Best of luck to you moving forward. I’ll make an effort to stop by more often! 😀

    (Side note. If you find a machine that allows me to add hours to the day, I will pay handsomely for it.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am already noticing a difference with this week’s posts. Having this type of schedule, along my school and volunteer schedules seems to be working out. I’m still on a lookout for a gently used TARDIS. I will let you know if I find one. 🙂


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