Tags of Eight

Thanks for nominating me for this challenge Cosmic Explorer!  A challenge…on a Saturday morning….before coffee….okay, I got this.



8 TV Shows I love watching (only 8?)
We share some of the same tastes….

        1. Arrow
        2. Legends of Tomorrow
        3. Gotham
        4. Lucifer
        5. The Strain
        6. The Flash
        7. Agents of Shield
        8. Game of Thrones
(also Sherlock, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead)


8 Favourite Games to play

        1. Do mind games with my kids count?
        2. Terror in Meeple City
        3. King of Tokyo
        4. Settlers of Catan
        5. Ticket to Ride
        6. Tank Battles (video game)
        7. Carcassonne
        8. Journey (a gorgeous video game based entirely on music)


8 Things I look forward to

        1. Fulfilling my goals
        2. Making my kids proud of me
        3. Writing more.
        4. Getting my Library Tech. diploma
        5. Going back to work for a library
        6. More interviews for my blog (not sure where I am going to go with that yet).
        7. Getting published (see #6)
        8. Taking my family to England (I lived there briefly and we have friends and family there).


8 Things I’m passionate about

        1. WRITING!
        2. Anything about the geek culture
        3. TVs and Movies. I can talk about that stuff all the time.
        4. MY FAMILY (most of the time).
        5. Growing my blog
        6. Listening to music, especially instrumental.
        7. Alone time (it’s amazing how infrequently it happens).
        8. Meeting new people, online or in person.


8 Phrases I use often

        1. Jinkees! (Thelma from Scooby-Doo)
        2. Crackers and peanuts! (instead of the f-bomb)
        3. Suck it up princess
        4. Really really (Shrek reference)
        5. Really?!
        6. I’m going to trade you in for a french poodle named Fifi. (my kids hear that one a lot).
        7. You’re an asparagus (said to my youngest….long story….he calls me chihuahua)
        8. I love you (not said as often as the sarcastic stuff, but that’s my family)


8 things I’ve learnt from the past

        1. Take a chance on something
        2. You do have to balance the practical with the impractical
        3. Always look for new opportunities
        4. Always make a new friend
        5. Be yourself
        6. Love someone
        7. Support others and they will support you
        8. Be open to change


8 Places I would Love to visit (I have been to some of these places but would love to go back with my family)

        1. England
        2. New Zealand
        3. USA
        4. Australia
        5. Scotland
        6. Ireland
        7. Italy
        8. France


8 blogs I nominate for this challenge

JR Handley

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha (Kent Wayne)

Quintessential Editor

CFY Movies news and reviews

Bun Karyudo

The Idiot In Tin Foil

Kamalini Govender



So nominees, you have now been challenged!  Do you accept?

I think that I need that coffee now. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


…and in case you want to know more about my blog…..

About Me…






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