Now I like to game.  Whether it is a video game or board game, in the privacy of my own home with friends I will give it a try.  My problem is that well, I am just not that good.  In a house with three strong gamers who definitely have that competitive edge that all gamers need, I am at a distinct disadvantage.

I typically see myself as an extrovert with a hint of shyness.  Normally I will tackle something head on and will give anything new a try.  Stick me in a room full of strangers at a party and I will mingle.

Except when it comes to any type of gaming.

If you put me in a room of die-hard gamers I will do my best to become invisible. Even without trying, gamers intimidate me.  While I may smile and say “Sure, I will give it a try” I would much rather watch.  That just goes to show that at any age, one will often give in to peer pressure rather than come across as a spoil sport.




I can count the number of times that I have tried a video game in public (typically at a convention) and I will only play a board game with strangers when coerced.

It’s funny.  It’s assumed that since I like all things related to the geek culture that I am a gamer.  Friends, or friends of friends think that if they place a game in front of me I will react with the same glee that I usually give to chocolate, caffeine and wine (3 of my favourite food groups 🙂 ).



I have talked before about the fact that we are all gamers, to one extent or another.  That is true.  My discomfort comes from gaming in front of others, especially people I don’t know and who are more qualified than I am.  It’s intimidating.  This became very apparent recently when my husband and I went to a cosplay/gaming-themed wedding (I only knew the bride and groom).  It was wonderful but by the end of the night I wanted to crawl UNDER one of the gaming tables.



bonus points if you can guess our cosplay


What’s funny is that my husband is just the opposite.  At a party, he is the one that stands against the wall and watches.  You put him in a room full of  gamers however and he’s good to go.  He and our boys will jump at the chance to try the latest video game at a convention, and he has considered trying for some of the tabletop competitions that we have seen.

It should come as no surprise then that he is better at gaming than I am.

Maybe that’s part of my problem.  It’s like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Honestly though, I just don’t have that competitive streak in me.  Maybe one day I will just realize that the only person who really cares if I am any good at gaming or not, is me.   Everyone else just wants to hang out.

Until then if you need me, I will be under the gaming table with a book.

Until we meet again everyone!




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  1. I can really relate to this. Heather and I both play video games, and before life got hectic we also played a good bit of Magic the Gathering (MTG). While I love both of these things, I prefer solo video games, and when it come to MTG, I prefer only to play with friends.

    Heather, on the other hand, wants to battle people online (Halo, Destiny, CoD, WoW) and loves playing in MTG tourneys. For me, gaming is a fun escape, not a battlefield. It’s hard for me to reach the same intensity levels as other people and that makes me feel like a downer sometimes. I think it’s because I was a combat cameraman and police officer, so it really take a LOT to get me amped up and feeling like this game is the most important thing in the whole world.

    Loved all the photos you posted 🙂 Especially you and your hubby all gussied up MiB style.

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