Hi, I’m Looking for Some Writing Advice

Have you ever wanted some practical advice on writing but didn’t know where to start?

I thought that it would interesting to put together a post of writing advice from writers, editors, publishers and/or bloggers who have been working in their field for a while.  In return, I can offer the opportunity for those contributors to promote his/her book or website.

Think of it like those books you see with quotes and such.  A little bit of guidance into the world of writing.

I would use it as my Friday WRITER post next week (Oct. 6th).

If you are interested in helping out, please answer this one question:

What is the best piece of advice that you could offer to someone who is new to writing? (something that you were taught, or something that you have since learned).


-In order to be able to post as many responses as possible, please keep it short, a few sentences at most.

-Please give the name that you go by (your online name or your real one.  I know some of you by both and don’t want to assume one way or the other).

-Remember also to include the book /site that you wish to promote.

Here’s an example:

“The best advice that I can give is on proofreading……..”- John Smith, author of Time Travel: Fact and Fiction OR blogger of Mad Man With a Box.

Please respond by Wednesday, October 4th at midnight so that I will have time to put everything together for Friday’s post.

-You can email me at writteningeek@hotmail.com or send me a private message on Twitter @tina_mcfarlane

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to contribute.  I am looking forward to seeing your answers!!


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23 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Looking for Some Writing Advice

  1. Best advice I received was from my first editor and boss, Tim C. Taylor: “When in doubt, keep writing. You can always fix it in post!” Sign it JR Handley and/or use the blog address.

    Sorry it’s late but with everything going on in real life I fell behind on the blogs I follow.

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