Happy Birthday Monty Python!!

On this day in 1969, television and comedy was changed FOREVER.  Monty Python’s Flying Circus was born.

John, Terry J., Graham, Eric, Michael and Terry G., took British humour, turned it inside out, stuffed it with SPAM and a dead parrot and fed it to an unsuspecting audience.



Our reaction?  


From Monty Python’s official site….http://www.montypython.com/pythons.  Click here for their full story.

The Pythons


They were rude, crude and funny as hell.  For me, Monty Python was an over-the-top, hilarious mashup of skits, animation and song. Their purpose was to make you laugh.  They weren’t dumb.  Everything that they did was planned and thought out, even it came across as a disorganized mess.

That’s what made them so brilliant!


Give us an example you say?   Well…..


I don’t think that there could have been a better marketing plan for canned meat than when the SPAM song came out.


Or the importance of stretching and exercise, courtesy of the Ministry of Silly Walks.


How about a history lesson and an appreciation of fine upholstery?


The television show was awesome so it was no surprise when the guys ventured on to the big screen.



If you are easily offended or have a weak stomach, I don’t recommend watching this (then again if you are, you probably didn’t watch Monty Python anyway).

On the other hand if you are not…CLICK AWAY!



Sadly, we lost Graham Chapman to cancer on October 4, 1989.(here)

However, the rest of the troupe have been busy.

John Cleese and Eric Idle are currently on a North American tour (see the main site for details).

Michael Palin presented the BAFTA Cymru Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film and Television to Terry Jones just a few days ago (here).  Last month, Terry announced that he has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia, a form of dementia (here).

Terry Gilliam is going to start making Don Quixote sometime this month, with Michael in the title role (here).


Fortunately for the fans, there are plenty of places to find the shows, movies and books they love.  Monty Python’s Flying Circus has been part of comic history for 47 years now and the guys show no signs of slowing down.

Why not take some time today and take a silly walk down memory lane.  Pull up a comfy chair and have some Holy Grail ale (yes, it does exist) and a SPAM sandwich.  If you know of someone who has never watched the series, take the time to introduce them.

….just give them a little warning first. 😉


Image photo from http://justgoodvibe.com/monty-pythons-flying-circus-wallpapers/.

Videos from YouTube and additional images from the official site.

Text © Written In Geek blog (2016) All rights reserved
Pictures © Written In Geek blog, used with subject’s permission or under public domain (2016)


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