America’s Most Haunted: Seeking Out the Wondrous and Weird

You guys are in for an early Halloween treat!

I was on Twitter recently and had the opportunity to touch base with Eric Olsen, the founder of America’s Most Haunted.  Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought that this would be a great chance to ask Eric what America’s Most Haunted is all about.

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He was kind enough to share an interview that he did with folks at The Lineup podcast about his most frightening paranormal experience and some history about AMH.  Here is his interview from The Lineup, Season One, Episode Seven.

He also answered a few questions that I had for him.


How would you describe America’s Most Haunted?

America’s Most Haunted is a multi-media brand specializing in coverage and analysis of the paranormal, spooky, Halloweeny, and amazmo in the real world and media. We touch upon ghosts and hauntings, aliens and cryptids, strange true crime, extreme science and astronomy, horror and paranormal media, Halloween and haunted attractions, weird customs and traditions.


You and Theresa Argie (the Haunted Housewife) met when you followed her on a paranormal investigation.  Together you put together the book America’s Most Haunted.  Was this the birth of AMH and when did you have the others come on board?  When did you and Joel start the radio show?

I saw Theresa’s team The Haunted Housewives on Paranormal Challenge in 2011 and noted she was from the Cleveland area, as am I. I interviewed the team for an article and went along on an investigation, which was fun and interesting. We talked from there and decided we had common interest in doing a book covering the most haunted public and semi-public locations in the U.S., the haunted legends associated with them, the “true” history where it was possible to ascertain, and original investigations. As we began work on the book, we launched the brand in summer of 2012 with social media and the original AMH radio show.

We got around to launching the AMH site in 2014 as the book was coming out, and launched the current redesign in Sept 2015. We partnered with The Lineup soon after that, added Clarissa Cole to the site and the After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio show this year, and partnered with my old site Blogcritics this year as well.

I was a guest on After Hours AM in Feb of 2015 and signed on a co-host soon after that.


Was your experience with Theresa the first time that you took part in an official paranormal investigation?

I had several very intense paranormal experiences when I was a teenager and young man, including some ghost hunts at the college I went to, Wittenberg, then somehow cut it off, or closed myself off to it, for a number of years until I started covering the field from the media perspective around 2010.


When did AMH expand to other areas such as UFOs and cryptozoology?

We were interested in covering the paranormal field in the broadest sense from the beginning. Only the book was specifically focused on ghosts.


How did you become involved with The Lineup and their podcast?

My wife started following them right after they launched and recommended them to me. Coincidentally, they found us around the same time and we realized we had a lot of common interests.


Is there something that you haven’t had a chance to do yet or an area that you haven’t yet explored?

I am very interested in cutting edge paranormal experiments like Brian Cano’s The Bridge experiment in conjunction with National Ghost Hunting Day on Oct 1. I am particularly interested in the relationship between music and the paranormal, and would like to be directly involved in experiments along those lines. I would also like to get out to the paracons more and give presentations, like we did on music and the paranormal at Scarefest.


What does AMH have coming up that you would like to share?

We have some extremely interesting partnerships coming up for new books, live paranormal presentations, and, I believe, television – ie, taking the brand to the next level. We would like to add some more excellent writers to the AMH site, and continue the growth of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio show with Joel Sturgis, and the new Lineup/AMH podcast with Clarissa Cole. I very much like the idea of exploring storytelling on the new podcast.


Thank you Eric for giving us a look into America’s Most Haunted!


Check out the website at where you can find all the topics that AMH covers, as well as the radio show, the blog, a newsletter and the book, America’s Most Haunted: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places, and more!

I found a great article there on the history and mystery of one of Halloween’s most iconic images, the jack-o-lantern. Halloween Symbols-Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns

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Can you handle the bizarre?  Check out the latest from Joel and Eric’s show, an episode called, Foolish Mortals

You can also find AMH on Facebook at America’s Most Haunted and Twitter @amhaunted.

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