Yep, it’s Friday….

Bear with me guys, this WRITER post is going to be ALL OVER THE PLACE.

First of all, when I signed on this morning I saw this….my coffee almost came out my nose.  I don’t know why I never noticed it before. 🙂


Second, while I haven’t had a chance to check out the sites of all of my new followers yet, I did find this one…

Her Weirdness

I think that she is my long-lost sister.  We were separated at the hospital after our mother was experimented on by Hugo Strange (Gotham reference in case you are wondering).  While she could not doubt kick my ass in a game, I am sure that we would spend many hours and go through many bottles of wine talking about movies.

Sasha, you need to be posting more stuff…like now… 🙂

OKAY, now on to the writing stuff…..

I AM DOING NANOWRIMO!!!  YES, I AM INSANE! (actually, if you didn’t already know that about me, you must be new to my site. (hehehehe) ).

I am going to take the short story that I did for Camp NaNoWriMo and turn into something…hopefully something that people will want to read.

It currently involves werewolves, self-mutilation and an asylum.

It’s a  children’s book. 😉

I had the honor, thanks to a friend, to meet author Terry Fallis a few days ago and listen to his talk about how to outline a novel.  What I learned gave me the boost that I needed to go ahead with this challenge.  If you ever have the chance to meet him, he is a fantastic speaker and well, just a really nice guy.

I will either pull this off or go down in a blaze of multi-coloured flames shouting “Yippee Ki Yay Mother******s!”

I am really hoping for the former.   😉

I am now off to dance with preschoolers (I love volunteering) and will be tackling schoolwork, a book outline and a fundraiser later.  Never a dull moment!

Yep, it’s Friday. 🙂

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