A Writer’s Thoughts

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a kid.  I just haven’t shared anything in a very long time.  I think that many writers experiment with different forms until they find the one that they are most drawn to.  While I still tend to write stories, I thought that this Friday post would be a great opportunity to show some of my poems once in a while.

I’ve also hit a writer’s block and hope that this will get my mind in the game for working on my NaNoWriMo outline.

I hope that you like it.



 Thoughts are funny fellows

They weave and dance around your head

Poking and pulling your hair

You swat some away like a fly

Others you try to grab

Only to have them laugh and hover just out of reach

I sit and stare at one in frustration

Until, out of pity (or maybe boredom)

He sits on my shoulder and whispers in my  ear

Then with a little peck on my cheek vanishes

Leaving me with my  stories to tell


Text © Written In Geek blog (2016) All rights reserved
Pictures © Written In Geek blog, used with subject’s permission or under public domain (2016)

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16 thoughts on “A Writer’s Thoughts

  1. I think you should write more, when you get over the writers block. I liked the poem!
    I’ll like you to know that I’m not saying this cause of the beautiful words you said of mine, but because I genuinely like it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi written in geek,
    I like the name of your blog.
    I followed your blog because I like your poem about writing so much. I can totally relate.
    That was nice of you to read blog Robert’s party.I met you at Roberta’s blog party.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

    Liked by 1 person

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