The SAG-AFTRA Strike

This is not something that I would typically post, but as a huge fan of voice actors this issue caught my attention.

First, a bit of an explanation of what the SAG-AFTRA is (from its Wikipedia site):

Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAGAFTRA) is an American labor union representing approximately 160,000 film and television principal and background performers, journalists, recording artists and radio personalities worldwide.

On Friday the SAG-AFTRA went on strike for the first time against a group of video game companies.  These articles are from‘s online site and are just two of a handful of articles about the strike:

SAG-AFTRA Plans First Videogame Strike Picket for Monday

SAG-AFTRA Videogame Strike Rally

I can only go on what I have seen in the online articles. The strike is still in its early stages. Voice actors are generally not as recognized or well-known as television or movie actors.  Since we don’t see their faces, oftentimes we don’t see just how much work goes into what they do.  It can be a challenge at times making sure that you receive the proper compensation for a job when, in the case of actors, etc., YOU are the actual product.

These are people who work extremely hard at their craft, dedicating themselves to perfecting their skills.  We, their audience, have the pleasure of enjoying the result.  What is being asked for in general terms, is the opportunity to be properly compensated when a video game is successful.  The companies argue that SAG-AFTRA is not being reasonable in their expectations.

The team of creative talent that goes into making a video game is huge and voice actors are an important part of that.  I don’t doubt that anyone supporting and participating in this strike would rather be in a studio right now than a picket line.  It’s not something that is entered into lightly.

As a voice actor fan, I do find myself biased in support of the actors.  They should receive proper compensation for their work because they are one of the big reasons why a video game is a success.

I will be interested to see how this all works out and how the acting and video game community as a whole responds to both the strike and its conclusion.

If you want to know just how much work goes into being a voice actor, I can recommend the documentary, I Know That Voice.   It shows both familiar and maybe not so familiar faces who make up part of this huge industry.  It focuses not just on cartoons and film but also video games.  I haven’t checked recently, but Netflix Canada was carrying this for a while.

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