Never a “normal” Friday

Hi all!

Normally this is my Friday WRITER post but this is the first time that I have sat down to write today (social media doesn’t count 😉 ).

I did post a poem along with a GEEK post on Wednesday.  My husband and I will actually be going out shortly to celebrate our anniversary, which we were unable to do last weekend.


I will leave this poem that I wrote and promise that I be a little more organized next week.

In case you are interested, I found some cool stuff on the International Space Station that I will be posting for Sunday’s Space Oddities.

Have a wonderful weekend!  If you are going to a Halloween party this weekend (as I am) have fun and don’t get into too much trouble. 😉

Take care of yourselves!


At My Age

At my age I should be planning
For retirement someday
Stocking up on RSPs
Pension funds and Ben-Gay

Instead I am a student
With people half my age
I will be graduating
With my teenage son one day

At my age I should be mature
And talk of grown up stuff
Instead I fangirl over cartoons
Movies, tv and other fluff

At my age people look at me
And think I’m too carefree
I should be working 9-5
In some big company

My husband is my best friend
We are mortgage and debt-free
My kids are doing just fine
(I thought this out you see)


Life is what you make it
We only get one chance
You can trudge through life and just get by

Or come join me and….




Text © Written In Geek blog (2016) All rights reserved
Pictures © Written In Geek blog, used with subject’s permission or under public domain (2016)-  gif courtesy of Giphy

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