My own little writing quotes.

I love quotes.  Those little bits of humour and inspiration are a great way to brighten up your day.  They can inspire you or just make you laugh.

I also find that they are a great writing trick to get your creative mind going.  Jotting down a tidbit of wisdom, whether you share it or not, is like a little jump start for your brain.  I toss out ones on Twitter every once in a while.  Some of them are here.

Here are writing quotes that I have created.  Some are thoughtful, some are silly.

Read them, use them, share them.

We all need a bit of a boost sometimes.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Never feel uncomfortable when telling someone you’re a writer. No one is ever embarrassed about being a reader.

Remember writers, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It took 4 weekends, 3 beer runs and a U-Haul. (this is currently my pinned Tweet)

GIVE yourself permission to fail.  DON’T give yourself permission to give-up.

A blank page can be scary.  Colour it with words and make it beautiful.

I don’t know if I’m a good writer.  I just know that I’m a bad one if I don’t do it.

Caffeine is my muse.

Give me paper and a pen and I will give you a universe.

Writer’s block is just a wandering mind that needs a direction.  Give it one.

The scariest part of a new story is writing the first line.

Stories are the result of a chemical reaction between a writer and her words.

Writers are escape artists.

Writing is as much a state of mind as a plan of action.


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