It’s funny being a parent

Sometimes as parents, we just have to laugh at ourselves.  If you’ve ever had a day when you feel like you have failed, that no one can understand what you’ve gone through, or you feel, well, just crappy…then these videos are for you!  Click on Derek’s and Kristina’s names to go to their YouTube channels.  They take the job of being a parent to a whole new level.  Check them out!

Derek Clark aka, The Rapping Dad, uses rap, wit and his sense of humour to teach about self-respect, the awesomeness that is fatherhood, and just feeling good about yourself.  From foster care to motivational speaker and YouTube sensation, he has a pretty important message about never giving up.  Here is his site.

Kristina Kuzmic.  If you appreciate a fine sense of sarcasm, the way most people appreciate a fine wine, then Kristina’s videos are for you.  She is not afraid to tell it like it is and the results are hilarious!  Want to learn more?  Click here.

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