TV Writers, I tip my pen to you.

As a television junkie and first time novel writer, I just want share my thoughts about the creative minds behind my favourite shows.

Gotham, Killjoys, WestWorld, Lucifer, The Walking Dead, The Flash….yeah, I could go on for a while here. These are just a handful of the shows that my husband and I watch (thank goodness for PVRs).  Like most viewers, we discuss the episode at the end.  What we liked (what we didn’t), and where we think the story is going to go from here.

Let’s face it.  There are a lot of fantastic shows out there right now.

I find myself wondering, how do the writers do it?  How does this group of people sit down every day and take those story ideas and turn them into scripts?  We count on them to give us twists, turns and surprises, to keep our interest and to make us care about the characters that we are watching.

Making a show is indeed a team effort, but I wonder how the writers handle the pressure?  If a show has a great episode, they know.  If it has a terrible episode, they know.  If you love/hate what has happened to a character, you can thank/blame the person who wrote the story line.  All of that said, the writing team is always in the background.  You always see their efforts, even if you don’t see them.

How do they know if what they create is going to work?  I realize that they go through a process, yet at some point, those words have to be put on paper and the show needs to be made.  They are ridiculously talented as far as I’m concerned.  They have to not only really know the characters that they write about, but also the “universe” in which they exist.  They have to be thinking about where the show is going and what is expected of them by the fans.

As fans, we trust them.  Selfishly, we trust that they have OUR best interests at heart. That they are not going to do something that will make us turn the channel.  We are invested in their shows in many ways, just as much as they are.

I don’t know if I could ever do what they do.  I am currently doing NaNoWriMo and just want to make it through November with my sanity intake. 🙂   I can’t imagine having to create a complete episode every week.

I think if you were to ask them, they would say that it’s all about teamwork and the trust.  The trust that they have in their own team, in the creator’s/director’s vision, in the crew and in the actors that bring their ideas to life.

So, I just want to say THANK YOU to the writers of the shows that I love.  Thanks for keeping me entertained.  For making me care.  For making me anger, happy, and shocked. For giving me a break from my own world, so that I can disappear into yours for a while.

Your efforts are appreciated, and well, envied.  I look forward to watching what you are going to throw at me next.


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5 thoughts on “TV Writers, I tip my pen to you.

  1. Yes, thank them indeed! I LOVE LUCIFER! Xp That show is so much better than I expected it to be when it first started.

    I also love just about everything on “DCW” 😉 I read a lot of comic books and graphic novels, so seeing what they do with shows like The Flash, Super Girl (Super Girl is my favorite of the DCW shows, as I’m also a stupid big fan of the comics since I was very young), Arrow and even non DC related ones such as Game Of Thrones, or The Walking Dead (Great comics if you haven’t read them by the way) are all brilliant because the writers do amazing things every week.

    I write a lot! However, I agree with you, I’m constantly amazed by the quality writing of shows like those mentioned above and more. That takes a lot of teamwork and to write well consistently with all the added pressure of fan expectations (especially if your show is based, even loosely off a comic book or a favorite comic book character) is extremely impressive!

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