Books My Kids Loved When They Were Young

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I was inspired to write today’s post after seeing an article about a Japanese artist who has re-imagined the pictures from Beatrix Potter’s famous story The Velveteen Rabbit.  It reminded me of the stories that my boys loved when they were younger, so I thought that I would share them with you.

Here is the original article that I saw on Twitter from Brain Pickings creator, Maria Popova. Check out her site!

All of the books that I mention can be found at your local library.  Take advantage of the selection that they offer.  It’s a great way to help you find out what your kids love and it makes it easier on the pocketbook.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the books/authors that my boys loved when they were young:

Rev. W. Awdry – The creator of the world’s most famous train, Thomas the Tank  Engine.  We still have a large wooden crate in our basement filled with the boys’ toy trains and despite being too old for them, they want to keep them.  They not only loved the books, but the videos as well.  The stories are a wonderful collection of friendship and imagination that they still remember years later.

Star Wars – Now what kid doesn’t love Star Wars?  Now my kids didn’t just love the franchise, for quite a while they obsessed over it.  That’s why as a parent, I took full advantage and grabbed whatever library books that I could to read to them.  They also became some of the first books that they read by themselves.  Eventually their interest diminished, but recently they have rediscouvered this universe with the release of the new movies.

Robert Munsch – You cannot be a kid and not know who Robert Munsch is.  From The Paper Bag Princess to Up,Up, Down! , I think at one point we actually owned every Munsch book that was available.  The stories are beautifully written and a ton of fun to read because you could get right into the action, which was something that my boys loved.  Love You Forever is my favourite, and one of the most beautifully written children’s books around as far as I’m concerned.

Beatrix Potter – I love Beatrix Potter, so it came as no surprise when I introduced my boys to her stories.  They never got into them for as long as some others (sigh), but they did enjoy them for a while, especially my youngest guy.

Pokemon – We have been a Pokemon household for as long as I can remember, thanks in particular to my younger son’s obsession with everything Pokemon.  Again, just like Star Wars, I took full advantage and used it to introduce them to reading.  Today, my youngest may not be able to tell me what he did at school, but he can give me details about his latest Pokemon Go! adventure and he still reads the books, at least when he’s not playing one of the games.

Any 5 Minute Story collection –  I mean any.  It was great!  We did everything from little unknown stories to Disney/Pixar.  These little gems saved my sanity on more than one night when the kids wouldn’t settle, or when I was trying to get them to practice reading.  They are short, always fun, and gives both you and your kids some variety in your reading material.

Over the years, many of these books have made their way to used book sales as my boys outgrew them.  It took some convincing for them to part with some of the books, since they had such fond memories of them.  However, they eventually did, so that other children could have the chance to come to love them as much as they did.

Do you have a favourite story that your kids love, or if you don’t have kids, do you have a favourite from your childhood?  I would love to hear about them!

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4 thoughts on “Books My Kids Loved When They Were Young

  1. I can think of a few that my son has enjoyed reading which I also loved as a child: just about all of Roald Dahl’s work; the Mr Men and Little Misses; The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Enid Byton’s Noddy and the Rupert Bear annuals. He’s also mad on Star Wars and Pokemon 🙂

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