My Promise To You

Normally I would be posting something geeky today (it’s actually Doctor Who’s birthday), but I’ve had some things on my mind that I want to share instead.

First of all….

I want to say THANK YOU to those who follow me on WordPress and social media.  I really appreciate the support that you have shown me.

I have to apologize.  I haven’t been a very good follower myself.  I could blame my schedule, but really, if you guys can find the time to react to something that I’ve posted, I at least owe you the same courtesy.  What I do need to do is MAKE the time.

For anyone who has followed me from the start, my goal was never to be the next big thing, whether as a blogger or (someday) published writer.  It was simply because I had things to share.  I realize what things I’m good at and what things I’m not.

I’m not good at doing critiques or giving advice on writing.  There are people much more qualified than myself for that who I follow.

I’m not a commentator on social issues.  There are a few of you out there who say it like it is.  Who have the balls to make comments and bring to life issues in a well written article, tweet, or post.  I have a ton of respect for you for that.

To the writers out there who are just trying to get your work noticed, and to the filmmakers who push to get the funding you need to create your dream projects, you are amazing.  You have the strength to believe in yourself.  You are putting yourself out there and you’re not letting anyone stop you.  I have purchased some of the books that I’ve seen and I do plan to get them all read.  To the indie filmmakers, I’m sorry that I can’t help financially, but let me know what I can do to help you promote your work.

To my other fellow bloggers, who share poetry, tidbits on your travels, or an insight to your personal life, you are awesome.  You always give me a little mind break, whether in a poem or sharing the latest escapades of your kids.

Me?  I write a mishmash of things.  Poetry, a film trailer, astronomy.  The one thing that I hope I’m accomplishing, is to give my readers a little break from their day, that’s all.

I honestly don’t know what has happened.  Maybe it’s just that I’m a lot busier, maybe it’s the fact that social media is so negative right now, but lately I’ve been in a real writing slump, even with NaNoWriMo to motivate me.  I have to confess, I have actually thought about quitting my blog lately and just focusing on my family and school.

YOU guys are the reason that I don’t.  Seriously.

I get a comment, have a chat, or see a tweet, and I realize that I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

 I guess that means that you guys are just stuck with me for a little while longer.   😉

So THANK YOU, to the writers, bloggers, filmmakers and anyone else who takes time out from their own busy day to see what I’ve put together.  You guys keep me going.         🙂

I will stay on top of things more, even if I may be a little slow doing it.


So, thanks for sticking around.  I hope to keep you entertained for a long time.

Have a great day everyone!




8 thoughts on “My Promise To You

  1. Tina, you’ve been a fantastic follower. Commenting, sharing. You’ve also got the hang of this twitter thing and even just for that I salute you.
    Also, I love your posts. They’re a welcome distraction and thoroughly informative. May you continue to fight the good fight

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  2. You and your words are such a gift to me! I appreciate your insights and wisdom, and your fangirliness! Thank you for supporting my blog, too. It’s always great to hear your insights on my works! Blessings for you and your family as you complete NaNoWriMo and as the holidays begin!

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