Space Oddities-11.27.2016: Astrophotography, it’s in the stars

Recently we had the pleasure of experiencing November’s Supermoon, and amateur and professional photographers alike took that opportunity to capture this wonderful event.

Whether you are out with your kids finding the constellations or getting ready to watch a meteor shower, I find that admiring the beauty of the world above us is both humbling and magical.

It’s no wonder than the Astrophotography is so popular.  Did you know that the first photograph of the moon was in 1840?  When you look at what is available now, it’s incredible.  It doesn’t matter whether you follow NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, or are an amateur photographer yourself, the images that you can see are nothing short of spectacular.

I have found that some of the best images can be seen on Instagram.  The following sites are the ones that I follow.  From aboard the ISS to somewhere a little closer to earth, these images are terrific!






Canadian Space Agency


It was hard to decide on an image for my feature, so I went with the one that I used to use for all of my Space Oddities posts.  The Helix Nebula, courtesy of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.

Astrophotography link is from Wikipedia, which offers not only a history but some examples of photographic techniques.

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2 thoughts on “Space Oddities-11.27.2016: Astrophotography, it’s in the stars

  1. My daughter’s 4 and learning about space at kindy, so we set off on a very hot evening to see the Supermoon. She loved it, and now she’s got me spotting Venus at sunset. Makes me want to write a SciFi! :o)


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