Scheduling a Date Night

It doesn’t seem to matter how long you’ve been together, trying to fit a date night into your schedule is always tricky.

Take my husband and I.  Our kids are teens.  If we wanted to, we could just tell them that we are going out for dinner and go and do it.  Yet it seldom happens.  Life seems to be happening and before you know it, the opportunity is gone.  It’s really easy to say “oh, we’ll do it later”.  The problem is, the “later” never comes.

Having that down time is important, and I don’t mean just catching a show before bed.  I mean a REAL break.  It happens with all of us, no matter what our situation is.  It’s important to step away from our responsibilities once in a while.  For a couple with kids, it gives us a chance to reconnect and take off our “Mom” and “Dad” hats.

What you do is important too.  Do you both like movies?  A leisurely dinner?  A hike?  For us, we typically like going to a movie and dinner. While we do that a lot with our boys, it’s totally different without them around.  We act different.  Our topics of conversation are different.

Is it difficult to get away?  Then have a “stay date”.  It’s easier (and cheaper).  Put the kids to bed a little earlier that night. Rent a movie, make an indoor picnic.  Open that bottle of wine that you’ve had since last Christmas.   😉

Remember that you were a couple before you were parents.  Taking that “us” time is not only good for your relationship, but it gives the kids a break from you too.

Are you a single parent?  From the ones that I know, trying to get “me” time is even harder, but just as important.  Take the opportunity.  Go out with friends, or a family member.

You are not a bad parent for wanting that break.  It allows you to recharge your batteries, and come back to the routine of your home life feeling a little less stressed.

And that’s something that we can ALL use.     🙂

Have a suggestion on what works for you?  Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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