Space Oddities-12.04.2016: Celebrating the Universe

Since many people have gift-giving on their minds this time of year, I thought that I would share some online articles/sites that I’ve come across to help give you some inspiration.

No matter what holiday you are celebrating this season, there are plenty of gift ideas out there for the astronomy enthusiast in your life.  They range from mugs to maps and telescopes to t-shirts.  The first link is a fantastic idea, though it may be a bit hard on the wallet.

Blown Glass Solar System Ornaments via Geek X Girls

Blown Glass Solar System Christmas Ornaments

courtesy Geek  X Girls

Think Geek’s Starstuff

Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet

Think Geek’s Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet’s Best Space Gifts and Toys for Kids 2016

Max Goes to Mars


Society for Popular Astronomy’s Gift Ideas (Britain)

Keep Calm Mug

courtesy SPA

Happy shopping!!!

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