Music As Muse

If you follow me on Twitter, especially during NaNoWriMo, then you saw my frequent tweets about the music that was my inspirational muse that day.

I have never been one to sit and study in silence.  I have always needed some type of music in the background.  My tastes are very eclectic.  I can listen to The Piano Guys one day and Metallica the next.  Metal and hard rock were my NaNoWriMo muse, due to the fact that I was writing a supernatural story.

I am studying for my last exam right now, and find myself listening to a lot of Linkin Park.  That’s actually what I have playing as I write this blog (started this morning with the below video, one of the first songs that I had ever heard from the band).

What is it about music that inspires me?  I find that it helps to get my head into the game.  When I find that right piece of music, I can get into that space where I need to be.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for a blog, my novel or a school project.

I have always had music in my life.  When I was younger, I played the ukulele and violin (regrettably giving both up in order to “fit in” with my peers).  Fortunately, my boys have not given in to this.  My youngest played drums for six years and recently took up violin.  My oldest played electric guitar for the same period and is currently a violinist in his high school orchestra.  He has already decided that one way or another, music will fit into his career choice.

I am a child of the MuchMusic/MTV video era (although I was born in 1968).  I couldn’t get enough of the old Hollywood musicals as a kid. I can’t sing to save my life, but that hasn’t stopped me from singing along with whatever is playing in our car’s CD player.  My family and I collect soundtracks, so you will find Iron Man 2 and The Hobbit next to Evanescence and Marianas Trench.

Music is about expression and creativity.  It taps into a part of us and gives us the comfort, inspiration or release from whatever is going on in our day.

So, what is your favourite style of music?  Are you into jazz, country or metal?  Are you like me and your choice depends on your mood?  Do you use it to relax?  Do you have the lyrics memorized to every song from your favourite band?  How about singing in the car on your way home from work?

If you are a writer, do you use music to help get your head into the game?

Are you a musician?  If so, I’d love to know what your own influences are.

I would love to hear from you.  Click here to find me on social media and let’s chat!


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16 thoughts on “Music As Muse

  1. I’m glad your boys are so into music, too! Depending on my mood, I either go after real upbeat music or dreary, sad music. What are you in school for, if I may ask? I just finished grad school this summer and I like to live vicariously through students because I miss it so much!

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  2. Love this song. It hit me the other day that this was a hit like 15 years ago?! Seriously, I was already having dramatic break ups 15 years ago?! Oh well…those thoughts aside I definitely use music to get into the mood of writing. I created a hypnotic writing mix that started with slow instrumental Schindler’s List, and ended with Snoop Dogg, but it went through the slow progression of pace. It was my experimental writing phase to see if the music that I tune out and don’t think I hear affected my writing. 😉

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  3. An excellent topic. It really depends on my mood. If I’m settling in to write for the evening or day, I’ll put on music from a variety of sources. Country, pop punk, even classical. Favourite at the moment is Holst’s Planets Suite.
    If I’m not finding it so easy to write, I need a distraction and as such use television as opposed to music.

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