Padawan Luke: From Fan to Filmmaker

What’s the best holiday gift a Star Wars fan could ask for?

How about having your two-minute stop motion film shown at an advanced screening of Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story.

That is exactly what has happened to a 13-year-old from my home town of Waterloo, Ontario.  Luke Heimpel‘s film, Go Rogue:  Krennic’s Wish, was one of the winners of the Go Rogue contest.  He flew out to Lucasfilm Studios on Wednesday.

This is an incredible accomplishment for someone so young.  What is also really cool is that the place where Luke learned about stop motion is a local animation school, SheepDog Animation School in Kitchener.  If you know anything about the stop motion process, then you know that it takes patience and A LOT of work.

Below is the full story from my local paper, which includes the link for the film.  If you want to see the film first, click the video link.  It is from the website.

The Force Is Strong With This Luke

Go Rogue: Krennic’s Wish on Disney Video

Article courtesy of The Record.

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8 thoughts on “Padawan Luke: From Fan to Filmmaker

  1. How awesome is that?!!! Happy New Year to you! I’ve been away but I’m excited to be back and read what you’ve been up to 🙂 Alas…some special Force prayers for our beloved Princess. And in other news…Season 2 of Killjoys = drooool and badassery 😉

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