Guessing Game: Where in the Universe…

Greeting fellow Earthlings!

I thought that I would have some fun today and give you a bit of a test.  Below are 8 images.  I only have one question….


Take a good look and decide, then click on the links at the bottom to find out if you were right.

HAVE FUN and let me know how you did in the Comments section, on my Facebook page or on Twitter!   😊





6.NASA Terra satellite captured this image of the Great Wall of China in the northern Shanxi Province on January 9, 2001.

7. AST-02-130 (20 July 1975) --- An oblique view of a portion of Libya and the Arab Republic of Egypt, as photographed from the Apollo spacecraft in Earth orbit during the joint U.S.-USSR Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission. The geological features are the Jebel Uweinat and Jebel Arkenu basaltic mountains in the Libyan sand sea. This picture was taken with a 70mm Hasselblad camera using medium-speed Ektachrome QX-807 type film.  The spacecraft was at an altitude of 219 kilometers (136 statute miles).

8. This view from NASA Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows part of Marathon Valley, a destination on the western rim of Endeavour Crater, as seen from an overlook north of the valley.


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Picture 8


All images courtesy of NASA.  Feature image courtesy of Pixabay

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