Space Oddities-02.03.2017: Who Will be Canada’s Next Astronauts?

In the last few days, the Canadian Space Agency released its list of candidates for its fourth recruitment drive for the Canadian astronaut corps. To say that the list is diverse would be a huge understatement.  From a business owner from here in Waterloo to a Chief systems engineer who currently works at the German Aerospace Center, the talent that is competing for this honor is incredible.

Two of the individuals in the link below will be chosen out of a very rigorous selection process.  They will join the ranks of fellow astronauts Roberta Bondar, Julie PayetteChris Hadfield and Marc Garneau.

Since 1984, Canada has participated in some of the world’s most exciting and important space missions.  In November 2018, astronaut David Saint-Jacques will be heading to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Soyuz spacecraft for a six month mission.

I’m excited to see just who makes it to the final selection.  Click below for the detailed profiles of the candidates.  For the latest from the CSA, you can follow them on Twitter at @csa_asc.

Canadian Space Agency – Candidate Profiles


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