A Writing Update

So, since it has been two months since I gave an insight to my first book, I thought that it was time for an update.

Well, the “horrific incident” idea went out the window.  This is the main turning point for the story and the effect that it has on the relationship between my main character and the individual involved is key to how the rest of the story plays out.  It’s still there, just different.

My main character, Raiman is an average woman.  A waitress at a diner, she goes about her day in a quiet way.  While she gets along with everyone, she is close to no one.  Then she meets Tony.  Let’s just say that I am not making their relationship a typical romantic one.

The turning point comes with “the incident”.  Raiman is approached by someone she trusts and in a confrontation that becomes physical, she is injured.  The injury, although serious, is not life-threatening.  It does however, change her, I mean REALLY changes her.

The werewolf idea is not a new one and I wanted to take a slightly different approach to it.  First of all, you don’t automatically become a werewolf if you are scratched.  Think about it.  The physical transformation that you go through has to take a toll on you mentally and physically.  In my world, it’s like a DNA-changing virus.  Survive the virus, then you have a chance to survive the transformation.  Survival of the fittest and all of that.

Secondly, werewolves don’t do the pack thing.  They’re loners.  They are however, loyal to each other, and the connection between a wolf and the wolf that he/she creates is strong, similar to that of a vampire and his/her progeny.  The bond is complicated, as its origin is often the result of an unintentional mishap and not a deliberate attempt to create a “child”.

Raiman ends up with allies, however, not everyone’s intentions are noble.  She has to step outside this cocoon that she has built around herself in order to get through this ordeal.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  For those of you who blog about writing, I have been trying to keep up on all of your tips about character development, sentence structure, setting up your “world” and so on.  Thanks for giving me some food for thought, it really helps.

I have just gotten over the worst writer’s block I’ve had since I started this.  Snapping out of it has resulted in my first ever submission to a publication.  I have submitted a few poems to a UK publication called Under The Fable, that my longtime friend  Lynn is involved with.  She is a published author and I appreciate the opportunity.  It’s not the first one I’ve had (I’m looking at you J.R.!), it’s just the first one that I’ve had the nerve to give anything to.  I don’t expect to be selected, but it’s a start.

I have also started a new short story.  It may make it’s way to Under The Fable‘s next submission if the chance arises, or maybe another publication.  The confidence, much like my story, is still a work in progress, but I will get there.

In the meantime, I have been doing my best to keep up on everyone’s posts, even if it’s just a few here or there at a time (man, some of you post a lot, I don’t know how you do it but you have my respect.  🙂   ).  You all give me a break from school, writing and family (yes, I do sometimes need THAT kind of break too).  THANKS!

Well, I think that I have babbled enough for one post.  Back to the keyboard pounding, once I grab myself a very large cup of coffee.  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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