Ten of My Favourite Sci-Fi TV Theme Songs

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Top 10 list and given my love of music, I think that this type of list was due.  I have more songs than this but to keep it simple, here are 10 of my favourite sci-fi TV show theme songs.  These are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER because I kept changing things around so much that I drove myself crazy. 🙂

All the videos are courtesy of YouTube and the composer information is courtesy of Wikipedia and Memory Alpha Wiki.


Buffy the Vampire SlayerNerf Herder – I have the soundtrack for the series plus The Chosen One collection.  Yeah, I liked the show.   🙂


Babylon 5Christopher Franke – Yeah, I have the series and the soundtrack for this one too.  I used the themes from Season 1 and 3 in my  W.I.G.’s Top Ten Sci-Fi Captains but I had to go with the Season 4 here because it was just so powerful.


Doctor WhoMurray Gold version – This is from the BBC Proms 2010.  What better way to listen to the theme than with a few of the Doctor’s “friends”.


Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine – Dennis McCarthy – Looking at all of the Star Trek themes out there, I picked this one because it just seems to “tell a story”.


Stargate SG-1 – Joel Goldsmith – Loved this show and had a total crush on Amanda Tapping.  🙂 – I own the series collection too.


Stargate Atlantis – also by Joel Goldsmith – A great spin-off to a great series.


Angel – Darling Violetta – The Sanctuary – I’m taking liberties here.  This is an extended version (from a Youtuber called BuffyIsRock) and mixes the seasons, but it does such an awesome job that I just had to choose it.


Firefly – Sonny Rhodes/Joss Whedon – The Ballad of Serenity – I could not find a copy of the opening credits AND the theme song anywhere   😦  .  Brilliant show gone before its time….thank goodness for the movie and DVD.


Xena:  Warrior Princess – Joseph LoDuca – The opening credits’ narration drowns out the music, so I found this video instead so that you can enjoy the amazing song in its entirety. Cool fact from the show’s Wikipedia page….

The theme music was developed from the traditional Bulgarian folk song “Kaval sviri,” sung by the Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir. The original “Kaval sviri” can be heard where Xena races into battle in the Hercules episode “Unchained Heart.”



….and sometimes you just have to go with a real classic…

Battlestar Galactica (1978) – Stu Phillips – This show was one of the reasons that I fell in love with sci-fi in the first place.



If you liked this post, and my sci-fi captains post above (see Babylon 5), feel free to click below and see who I think are some of Canada’s top sci-fi film stars.

W.I.G.’s Top 20 Awesome Canadian Sci-Fi Film Stars


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12 thoughts on “Ten of My Favourite Sci-Fi TV Theme Songs

  1. I LOVED the Stargate universe, watched every version of the shows and movie!! Hated that they ended Stargate Universe too soon, and like every male I had a crush on Amanda Tapping. Oh, and Xenia: Warrior Princess too!! Good choices.

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