Space Oddities-04.05.2017: NASA Library and Astronomy Pics

Recently NASA revealed a new library of images, video and audio available to the public.  It contains new and archived items and gives the user a chance to browse a wide variety of information from one source.  Calling it a “living website”, this library will be constantly updated.  My Feature Image of Saturn is from this library.

For more information, check out the link.

NASA Unveils New…Library for the Public


I’m not really sharing anything new when I say how much I love images of the universe (then again, who doesn’t   🙂  ).  NASA offers a daily image that ranges from historical photos to the latest from the ISS.  Yesterday’s image was too beautiful not to share.  Check out the link to see who the lucky person was who captured this shot.


ISS view of the auroras


NASA also offers their Astronomy Picture of the Day, a fantastic collection of images with an explanation from a professional astronomer.



I have always enjoyed the images that NASA has shared over the years.  Now that they offer this new library, it gives the opportunity for educators, the general public and astronomy buffs like me to have an easy resource to go to.

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