Today’s Space Oddities is actually a share from Saturn Citizen’s Aperture Astronomy site and discusses Pluto and the history behind its change in planetary status.


I never knew the whole story behind what happened.  This post not only gives the story, but also highlights the impact that the scientific community has on the general public.

Click the link for the whole story and check out the rest of the site for other great reads, a list of upcoming lunar events and even astrophotography!

A Certain Point of View on Pluto

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7 thoughts on “Space Oddities – 04.26.2017: ReBlog from Aperture Astronomy

  1. Thanks again for the repost.

    Thinking of the picture you posted above, it’s worth noting that spherical shape does not a planet make. The threshold for an object having sufficient mass to pull itself into a sphere is pretty low. Pluto’s moon Charon is a sphere at a mere 750 miles in diameter.

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      1. I was just trying to note that because an object like Pluto is a sphere is not automatic reason to assume it is a planet. When the pictures of Pluto came in last year, they reinginited its planetary status question, because heck, it certainly looks like a planet.

        Another way to look at it…all known planets are (roughly) spheres, but not all spheres are planets.


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