Simon J. Wood’s Story Challenge

Recently, I discouvered writer and fellow blogger Simon J. Wood.  His site, To Cut a Short Story Shortshowcases his flash fiction and short stories.

He also runs a 300-word story challenge email group.  Every two weeks he offers this challenge, which requires you to incorporate three random words that he gives as prompts.  I have only done one challenge so far (newbie!), which I will share below.  This is a great way to get you to poke around your brain and come up with some clever ideas without a lot of words to work with.  You not only get to send in your work, but you get to vote on other entries!  🙂

Give a try!  Click the link below for all the details.

Here was my entry!

300 word story group – collection no. 15

Word prompts – Connect/painting/articles

submitted Sunday, 30 April 2017.


Class Dismissed

“Connect.  To connect with others, that’s all that we want.” Dr. Sussman looked out at his students.  They were a wave of blues and greys, like an abstract painting across the auditorium.  He had their undivided attention.  Striking in his white suit and grey hair, he smiled as they hung on his every word.  It made him feel good to be so respected.  He picked up the newspaper on his desk, pointing to the main article on the front page.  “This is a perfect example of what happens when we don’t connect and communicate.”  He felt his voice rise in frustration.  He cleared his throat before continuing.  “We lose something of ourselves when we are alone.”  He put the paper down, his hands trembling as his fingers touched the headline, Asylum for the St. Thomas U Killer.  He stared at the words until he realized that someone was speaking.

He looked up.  “Yes Carolyn?” he asked, pointing to the young woman whose rotting form had taken on a soft gray hue.  The colour looked nice against her blue uniform.  He listened intently but before he could answer, a voice interrupted his lecture.

“Time for some fresh air professor,” the young orderly said, entering his room with a wheelchair.  He helped the professor sit down, then tidied up the articles on the table next to his bed.  “Organizing your notes again?  Well, it’s good to keep busy.”  The professor looked at the boy, who had the same grey skin as his students.

He could hear his colleagues as they walked.  “Murderer.  Sicko.  Poor kids.”  They were jealous and didn’t understand.  All he wanted was for his students to appreciate him, and now they did.

He smiled as they exited the university hall.  “Class dismissed,” he said as the courtyard door opened.



Text © Written In Geek blog (2017) All rights reserved
Pictures © Written In Geek blog, used with subject’s permission or under public domain (2017)- feature image courtesy of Pixabay

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