5 of the Coolest Weird Creatures on Earth

You know, I spend so much time checking out what’s going on in outer space, that I often forget that there is some pretty cool stuff down on this planet too.

Earth is home to some of the strangest creatures that you will ever see.  Who needs aliens when Mother Nature can create wildlife that would make a Hollywood creature creator jealous.

I’ve decided to pull together some of the oddest animals that I’ve ever seen.  Feel free as always to add any that you can think of in the Comments below.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the Coolest Weird Creatures on Earth!

The Anglerfish

Remember the “light bulb” fish from Finding Nemo?  That was none other than the Anglerfish, one of the ocean’s weirdest creatures.  It is actually the female that has the funky lure.  The video below, gives a great description of this odd and scary-looking fish.  The videos and link are from an article on http://www.rt.com

Here is the entire article (including the clip from Finding Nemo)

Finding Nemo monster is real: Rare black seadevil caught on video

The article also includes a hilarious True Facts video

The Peacock Spider

This colourful little guy goes all out to impress the ladies with his dance moves!  Found in Australia, there are 48 species of this tiny arachnid.  Check out this channel from Peacockspiderman, aka Jurgen Otto.

The Shoebill

This bird can chomp on a baby crocodile, and resembles something from the Earth’s past.  Presenting Africa’s Shoebill!  Read some fun facts from Zambia Tourism about this odd duck bird, and see what happens when a family encounters one at a zoo.

5 Facts About the Shoebill

The Platypus

We all know about its beaver tail and duckbill, but its “sixth sense” and venom????  The cute and odd platypus is actually an efficient killer.  Learn more from National Geographic.

The Platypus


The Stubby Squid

Looking like a child’s toy, this adorable-looking creature was found during an expedition by the EVNautilus.  Click the link for details, and the video for the discovery.

A Googly-Eyed Discovery




If you want to see more bizarre animals, I found this article from http://www.boredpanda.com.  Check it out!

22 Strange Animals – Part 1 and 2




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