Dark Poetry: Claudia and Louis

Inspired by the movie, Interview with the Vampire and the relationship between Claudia and Louis.


I am lost to him
Like a mirror
I offer no reflection

My Louis, what did you hope to find?
You scour your thoughts
For the tattered pieces of your life

I’m tired, he said
Then end it, I told him
It’s your choice
It always has been

Like me, I was your choice
Not my own
You called me your child?
I was a child
But pretty dolls and music lessons
Were not me

But you are my child…
Am I?
Was I rescued?

But then again, no
That life was not me
I didn’t know me
You took me
Before I found out

I had to start again
To try to find Me
But I was not lost
Not like you

You are exposed
You are weakness and sorrow
I was to be you
But I chose not to

Not out of anger

I have no time for that
But then again
Myself and Time
Are intertwined
In the endless dance

Am I sad?
I am nothing but existence
As I was traded from one life
For another

Your rest has come
And with it
I will now become you
Just as you wanted

Until I too, come to that day
When I find my own
And give her no choice
But to be me


Text © Written In Geek blog (2017) All rights reserved
Pictures © Written In Geek blog, used with subject’s permission or under public domain (2017)- feature image from Pixabay.

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