Rolling a Natural 20: The Women Behind Dungeons & Dragons

My friend Dave shared an article yesterday, about the history of D & D and the influential women who helped shape this cornerstone of geekdom.  I was a D & D gamer, as well as other RPGs such as Shadowrun and LARPs like Vampire: The Masquerade

Written by Cecilia D’Anastasio for, it talks about the early days of D & D, when the idea of women creating and developing RPGs clashed with the “boys only” culture of the time.

I was into this part of the geek culture at a time when “girls just didn’t game” (yeah, whatever).  There is so much in this article that I could relate to, and honestly, I never knew the history of the women who worked so hard to make their mark.

Take a read.

Dungeons and Dragons Wouldn’t Be What It Is Today Without These Women


How much of a gamer was/am I?

-My husband proposed during a session, using props to hide the ring.

-My oldest and I just joined a D & D 5th edition group at one of local geek-themed restaurants.

-I am the proud owner of this necklace.



I may be shy when it comes to many types of gaming, but this is one that I have always enjoyed, even if I am a bit rusty now.   🙂


I hope that you enjoy the article.  As always, share your thoughts below, or on Twitter @tina_mcfarlane or my Facebook page.


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