Rolling a Natural 20: The Women Behind Dungeons & Dragons

My friend Dave shared an article yesterday, about the history of D & D and the influential women who helped shape this cornerstone of geekdom.  I was a D & D gamer, as well as other RPGs such as Shadowrun and LARPs like Vampire: The Masquerade

Written by Cecilia D’Anastasio for, it talks about the early days of D & D, when the idea of women creating and developing RPGs clashed with the “boys only” culture of the time.

I was into this part of the geek culture at a time when “girls just didn’t game” (yeah, whatever).  There is so much in this article that I could relate to, and honestly, I never knew the history of the women who worked so hard to make their mark.

Take a read.

Dungeons and Dragons Wouldn’t Be What It Is Today Without These Women


How much of a gamer was/am I?

-My husband proposed during a session, using props to hide the ring.

-My oldest and I just joined a D & D 5th edition group at one of local geek-themed restaurants.

-I am the proud owner of this necklace.



I may be shy when it comes to many types of gaming, but this is one that I have always enjoyed, even if I am a bit rusty now.   🙂


I hope that you enjoy the article.  As always, share your thoughts below, or on Twitter @tina_mcfarlane or my Facebook page.


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4 thoughts on “Rolling a Natural 20: The Women Behind Dungeons & Dragons

  1. Another winner! I’m finally going through the 500 emails in my box, deleting some and reading others. I’ve got blog posts from as far back as 2016 to read! 😛 This was a treat, glad I read it! And now there are only 55 left to read!

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