Meet Writer LMA Bauman-Milner

The below stories are disturbing as hell, which is why I love them.  Some viewers may find them uncomfortable.

First of all, I love the fact that I feel the need to add a warning before even introducing the writer.  😉

My friend LMA Bauman-Milner is a writer who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, or in this case, bloody.  We’ve known each other for just a little less than a millennia, while she still lived in Ontario.  Here’s her bio which I have totally copied from her Facebook page because I’m lazy.  😉

 LMA Bauman-Milner was born in Ontario, Canada, and has lived in the UK since 1998, perfecting her study of all things British. A life-long student, she switched to the other side of the desk in 2006, teaching secondary English for several years. Since leaving the profession, she turned to writing to exorcise the demons in her head, and put faces to the fears. She graduated with an MA in Creative Writing course at Leeds Trinity University in December 2015.

She lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and son and two fractious cats.

I thought that it would be cool to introduce you guys to her.  Now I could go on about how cool she is (she has me as a close friend, so obviously she is a woman of impeccable taste), or that she can make you laugh and gross you out, usually in the same conversation (you should see our Facebook conversations….then again, it’s probably best that you don’t).  😉

However, I thought that I would just share some of her stories with you, courtesy of YouTube.  A little story called Sick Face, and a piece called Glass and Blood.  

And now ladies and gentlemen, may I present, the twisted mind of LMA Bauman-Milner.




If you like that, here’s more

Reading of the short story, In-between

Short Story Cast – A Podcast


She has two books out on and

Dark Doorsa collection of her own horror stories.

Inspiration: A Space for Words – a collection of prose and poetry from the students and alumni of Leeds Trinity University, along with guest authors.  She was an editor.

You can find her upcoming schedule on her Facebook page here, and more info. from her website here.  She also runs a writing group.


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