Peter Dinklage – Fail Better/Light Up The Night

The very cool JR Handley, shared this on Facebook the other day.

Little did he know, just how much of a pick-me-up I needed.

I have been really struggling with writing lately, with it feeling more like a chore, than a pleasure.  My fear of failure has basically brought my book to a complete standstill.  I haven’t touched it for a while, contrary to the impression that I may have given.

Leave it to none other than the amazing Peter Dinklage to remind me that success can only come when you are willing to try and risk failing.

And if you fail?  Then next time, FAIL BETTER.

This video is part of a commencement speech that he gave in 2012 at Bennington College, his alma mater.

Thanks Peter, and thanks JR.   🙂



The YouTube video below is his speech in its entirety.  It’s worth checking out.




I am again flattered to be a nominee for another award.  Sonia, of Doing the Write Thing nominated me for The Really Neat Blog award.  I definitely recommend checking out her stories, as well as the other awesome nominees!


Thanks for popping by everyone, and have a totally awesome weekend!!


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