Closing Up Shop for the Month of August

Hi guys,

This is just a notice to let you know that I won’t be posting for the month of August. To those who have just started following me, I apologize.  I don’t think that there is ever a “good time” to do this.  Please feel free to check out some of my older posts, there are over 150 to choose from.  🙂

I’m hoping that all of you will stick around and maybe check out some posts that you haven’t read before (I have some handy-dandy key words on my main page to help you find topics that may interest you).

I’ve been posting non-stop since April 2016, and I think that I just need a break.

I’m going to cut back on my social media presence as well.  My courses are finishing up, and I won’t be starting again until the fall, so I’m going to focus on writing and family.

Until I return, I hope that everyone continues to enjoy their summer and I look forward to chatting in September!

I’m ending this post with one of my favourite songs of all time, from one of the best movies ever!




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