Loving Vincent: Painting His Story

What would a moving Van Gogh painting look like? In Loving Vincent, you can find out.

You cannot help but be moved by the creation of this beautiful masterpiece. It took 5 years, 65,000 PAINTINGS, and an international team of 115 painters, who recreated his unique style. Go to the site (link above) to read the inspiration behind it.

The movie takes place after his suicide, and tells his story through the eyes of those who knew him.

Check out the trailer, but make sure to view the BBC clip that I attached, showcasing just some of the incredibly painstaking work that went behind the film.  Following the clip is a documentary on Van Gogh that I have also added.

The film came out in limited release worldwide this past June, and is still showing (check the site for screenings). One of my local theatres just started showing it this week, so I’m going with a friend to check it out. I can’t wait!

Val Fulford is a Canadian artist who was fortunate enough to be part of this team. You can read her article here. You will also recognize a few very familiar faces in the movie, and the music, composed by Clint Mansell (Black Swan) sounds incredible.




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