Voice Actors Rule!

My family and I are big fans of cartoons and anime (not the first time that I’ve mentioned this), as a result, we love the talent behind these voices, as much as any actor that we’ve seen onscreen. We have even had the honor of meeting a few over the years. I mentioned the awesome script reading that we saw at Fan Expo this year in this previous post.

My “inspiration” for today’s post, sadly came from this tweet from Black Nerd Problems, on the death of Earle Hyman. You may recognize him from The Cosby Show, but he also provided the voice of Panthro in Thundercats.

That made me think about other voice actors that have provided some of cartoons’ most memorable voices.

Here are some articles that show the faces behind some of your favourite characters of all time. How many do you recognize?

18 of the most important voices of color in animation via blacknerdproblems.com

45 voice actors that you didn’t know voiced every character ever via dorkley.com

Famous Anime Voice Actors English Dub via Imdb.com

The Top 25 Japanese Voice Actors of All Time, as Voted by Their Peers via anime-now.com

POLL: Japanese Poll Results For Top 50 Voice Actors With Best Voices via Crunchyroll.com


These lists are far from complete, and have omitted some that I want to mention. Three actors missing from the 45 list are the incredibly talented Bill Farmer , Charles Martinet, and Mel Blanc, who gave us voices such as Goofy, Mario and Bugs Bunny.

Want to know if what’s-his-name did that show you remember? Then check out the site

Behind the Voice Actors

You can also check out this documentary about what it’s like to work in the industry.


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