NPR Article: A Superhero Movie Got A Screenplay Nomination: Glitch Or Game-Changer?

Is Logan‘s Academy nomination a sign for the superhero genre?

National Public Radio: Monkey See posted an article yesterday, discussing the recent Academy Award nomination of Logan for Best Adapted Screenplay. It discussed whether this nomination was a just a “one-off” for the superhero genre, or does it signify that the Academy may now see these movies as having more that just cool special effects and make up.

(Having said that, the very cool, and super fun Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is also nominated for Best Visual Effects. The writer is quick to point out that achievements like visual effects are no small feat, but in the case of Logan, its nomination is for a non-tech area).

I’d like to think that the genre has been recognized as being more than just the idea of taking your favourite comic book and putting it on the big screen. With movies like Logan, Wonder Woman, and the upcoming Black Panther (just to name a few), I believe that these movies have shown that they have more substance than they’ve been given credit for in the past.

So, will Logan walk away with an award? Even if it doesn’t, does it matter? Maybe the fact that it has the nomination is enough (I personally don’t hold as much stock in the winning of the award, as I do in the nomination itself). It will be interesting to see what happens.

Check out the article and let me know what you think.

A Superhero Movie Got A Screenplay Nomination: Glitch Or Game-Changer?


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2 thoughts on “NPR Article: A Superhero Movie Got A Screenplay Nomination: Glitch Or Game-Changer?

  1. I haven’t seen Logan yet (husband insists I need to see the other X-Men movies first), but I am happy it was nominated. The list of nominees overall, from Get Out and Lady Bird to Logan and Call Me By Your Name, give me great hope that the Academy is actually shifting in a more inclusive storytelling direction! Although, I’m not gonna lie, they would really cement that they truly have that desire by actually voting for those films to win.

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