Metal Music Inspiration

When I write poetry, it can range from the inspirational, like The Dance, to the dark, like My Monsters, even dark inspirational (that’s a thing right?) like I Am. Like all writers, some of my work (I think) is good. Other times, what I post/or is published, is meh, okay. My dark poetry in particular has ranged from the grotesque to the psychological, though in trying new ideas, I’ve found that writing with a psychological theme (dark or inspirational), is “my thing”.

The one constant that I have, is using music to inspire me. Metal music is one of genres.

Oddly enough, I don’t listen to metal only when I’m in the mood for something dark. I do find some of it inspirational. I’m a bit odd that way. 😉

Like any music genre, I’m not a fan of all types, but I like a variety. I also don’t have a favourite band. In the last little while, I’ve listened to DisturbedKornMetallica, Halestorm, Evanescence, and Godsmack, and most recently New Years Day and Motionless in White. (Click the LINKS, they lead to more videos!)

I recently discouvered New Years Day and Motionless in White after watching the two videos below. Ash and Chris have amazing vocals. Ash’s voice is so strong (totally love her take on Gangsta from Suicide Squad), and Chris can go back and forth between an ear-piercing rawness and smooth vocal. I am definitely a fan now!

FYI, both songs below contain swearing.


For some of you, you may find their duet video bloody, sexual and a bit disturbing. If that sort of thing bothers you, DON’T CLICK. IF you’re like me on the other hand, CLICK AWAY and let me know what you think. 🙂


Here are their YouTube channels. New Years Day. Motionless In White.

So, I have to ask…

What music inspires you? Are you into metal, country, or instumental? I’m not just meaning with writing, but with anything you do.

Share below, throw me a link to a favourite band (I pretty much like everything to some extent). I’m looking forward to checking your suggestions out!


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