In our brains
On our consoles
Connecting us
Dividing Us
Making us better
By making less of us


A friend of mine has left social media. Fortunately, we live close enough to be able to keep in touch, but it got me thinking. Oddly enough, I wrote the above poem some time ago. Despite its negative tone, I don’t think that social media is all bad.

More than once I’ve taken a blogging break, not so much because I wanted to stop blogging, but because of the stress you can feel when involved with social media.

How about you guys? Do you like using social media, either for your blog or other reasons, or is it a “necessary evil”? Could you completely give it up if you wanted to?

I know that I use it more because of blogging, though recently I stopped using Pinterest. While it can be “soul sucking” at times, using social media as part of my blogging experience has given me the confidence to express myself more. I don’t market myself as much as I could, just because it would require me to spend more time on social media than I want to.

You just have to remember to keep everything balanced, and what that balance is can be different for each of us.

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2 thoughts on “Wires

  1. The only one social media outlet that I may consider a necessary evil is LinkedIn. If you are looking for a professional career job, it’s probably a “must” to have your resume there.

    With the exception of WordPress I avoid social media in every form I know of. Was on Facebook over a decade ago due to a school reunion invite, but didn’t like it even then, on the premise that nothing is free.

    Cynics will say that we write free FOR WordPress, which is true from a certain perspective. That’s always in the back of my mind, but I started blogging as a means to sharpen my writing skills, so it is a two-way street in terms benefits with the blogging host. Who gets the most from the deal, especially for a tiny blog? Hard to say, but I’m fine for now with whatever that balance happens to be.

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