Discouver the awesome geekxgirls.com

Discouver the awesome geekxgirls.com

I’ve mentioned geekxgirls.com before when I posted about some great Christmas ideas, but I haven’t mentioned just how terrific their site is.  I follow their Facebook page  and they are always post really cool stuff.  Cosplay photo shoots, artwork, articles, interviews and geeky toys and gifts are just some of the great things that you will find here.  Yesterday, a great post about a mom who created superhero dolls for her daughter came up, as well as a very geeky Valentine’s gift idea.  Check out the articles and incredible cosplay photos below as well as the rest of their site for more awesomeness!

Geeky Doll Makeovers

Mom Gives Dolls Awesome Geeky Makeover

….and for the romantic Star Wars fan……

Star Wars & Other Plush Bouquets are the Perfect Geek Valentine

Star Wars Plush Bouquet (this is one of two styles)

…..did I mention the amazing Cosplay photos? (click the links for more pics)

Female Guldan from World of Warcraft Cosplay

Female Gul’dan from World of Warcraft Cosplay

Raven is my favourite of the Teen  Titans so I just had to throw this one in too.

Raven from Teen Titans Cosplay

Raven – Teen Titans

….and just one more thing….did you know who the voice was behind some of Disney’s most memorable characters?  Click the link and find out!

Disney Voice Actors



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Space Oddities-12.04.2016: Celebrating the Universe

Space Oddities-12.04.2016:  Celebrating the Universe

Since many people have gift-giving on their minds this time of year, I thought that I would share some online articles/sites that I’ve come across to help give you some inspiration.

No matter what holiday you are celebrating this season, there are plenty of gift ideas out there for the astronomy enthusiast in your life.  They range from mugs to maps and telescopes to t-shirts.  The first link is a fantastic idea, though it may be a bit hard on the wallet.

Blown Glass Solar System Ornaments via Geek X Girls

Blown Glass Solar System Christmas Ornaments
courtesy Geek  X Girls

Think Geek’s Starstuff

Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet
Think Geek’s Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet

Space.com’s Best Space Gifts and Toys for Kids 2016

Max Goes to Mars
courtesy Space.com

Society for Popular Astronomy’s Gift Ideas (Britain)

Keep Calm Mug
courtesy SPA

Happy shopping!!!

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Life is like a box of LEGO….

Life is like a box of LEGO….

My inspiration for today’s blog came from an article that I read about a LEGO master builder (I put the link below) and I realized two things:

  1. I think that I just found my dream job.
  2. You can learn a lot from a pile of coloured bricks.

LEGO.  The word conjures images of children young and old using their imagination and creativity to create something wonderous.  Whether it is a boy who creates a garden or a girl that makes a skyscraper, LEGO is only limited by one’s imagination.  It is also a great way to view life…


L – Life is full of all types of people.

E– Each of us is unique.  Even in a crowd we are one-of-a-kind.

G – Great things can be created from even the smallest of ideas.

Builders at Lego's Model Shop create all kinds of life-size sculptures to promote events and film premieres. Here's the Wonder Woman that Roe designed and built for the 2017 movie.

O – Only when we are willing to see our differences as something special, can we make something awesome.


I – If you only see the world in black and white, then you will miss all the colours.

S – Some people will drag you down.  Ignore them and look to those who will raise you up.


G – Great things come to those who are patient.

R – Really great things come to those who don’t do it alone.

Roe has three assistant builders to help him, and he considers them family. "We learn from each other," he says.
The team from the article

E – Everyone has a bad hair day.

A – All of  us have to share the planet.  Might as well try to get along.

T– Take the time to be a kid again.


Take time to enjoy the little things in life everyone. Have a great week.

– Tina

Don’t forget to click on the link below to see a master builder at work:



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