Flash Fiction: Forever

Flash Fiction:  Forever

Hi everyone!

Here is another 300 word flash fiction story that I wrote for Simon J. Wood‘s biweekly challenge.  Hope you like it!

The first word had to be Not, with want and legend in the body of the story.



Not that long ago, the mere sound of his name terrorized the world.

Well, that was then…

“I was bloody famous once.”  He stops and bursts into a laugh.  “HA!  Get it? “BLOODY famous?”  Stumbling around, he continues to mumble to himself.  I roll my eyes and down another shot.  I was always a simple man.  Didn’t want much.  Just immortality.  Well, forever isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  Abraham smirks and hands me another drink, shaking his head.  As far as he’s concerned, this life is exactly what I deserved.  Vlad’s mind has been gone for the past forty years now.  Before that, the world was ours.  But it stopped believing in a legend like him, and that’s what broke him.

I suddenly realize that I’m being watched.  “Back off you ancient windbag.” I caution, wanting to drink in peace.  He ignores me and continues to approach, black cloak raised.  I know what that look of his can still do to me, so I refuse to turn around. Realizing that I’m not giving in, he stops, lets out a hiss, and begins to slink around the bar.  He still thinks that he looks menacing, although they all laugh at him now.  I just don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.

I finally finish my last drink and stand up, tossing a handful of bills on the counter.  Time to go.  “Come on, master,” I say halfheartedly.  Walking over, I take him by the shoulders and begin to steer him towards the exit.  “Night Abe!” I call out to the bartender.  “Night Renfield!” he calls back.  “See you tomorrow night?”  I nod.  Where else would we be? I sigh, watching as the carriage pulls up.  We climb in and make it home just before the sunrise.



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Peter Dinklage – Fail Better/Light Up The Night

Peter Dinklage – Fail Better/Light Up The Night

The very cool JR Handley, shared this on Facebook the other day.

Little did he know, just how much of a pick-me-up I needed.

I have been really struggling with writing lately, with it feeling more like a chore, than a pleasure.  My fear of failure has basically brought my book to a complete standstill.  I haven’t touched it for a while, contrary to the impression that I may have given.

Leave it to none other than the amazing Peter Dinklage to remind me that success can only come when you are willing to try and risk failing.

And if you fail?  Then next time, FAIL BETTER.

This video is part of a commencement speech that he gave in 2012 at Bennington College, his alma mater.

Thanks Peter, and thanks JR.   🙂



The YouTube video below is his speech in its entirety.  It’s worth checking out.




I am again flattered to be a nominee for another award.  Sonia, of Doing the Write Thing nominated me for The Really Neat Blog award.  I definitely recommend checking out her stories, as well as the other awesome nominees!


Thanks for popping by everyone, and have a totally awesome weekend!!


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Vanessa Ricci-Thode: The Word Sorceress

Vanessa Ricci-Thode: The Word Sorceress

She calls herself the Word Sorceress, and the rightly so.

Vanessa’s love of a good story can only be matched by her love of Halloween, her family, her dogs, and a really great tequila.  😉

We have known each other for years.  We share a love of Doctor Who, being a mom and writing….although her talent for that far exceeds my own.

What I can tell you is that Vanessa isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and has done some AMAZING COSPLAY duos with her daughter, who is growing up to be as strong and kick ass as her mother.  🙂

She’s funny and sarcastic.  She’s got your back as a friend and will kick your ass if you deserve it.


She has been involved with the writing community both as a writer and editor.  This has included being a part NaNoWriMo for over a decade (as a writer and co-Municipal Liaison).  She has also been involved with the Canadian Authors Association and  Editors Canada.

As a writer and editor, she has published fantasy and writing advice books under the name Vanessa Ricci Thode.

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For those interested in the paranormal and erotic, Vanessa began to publish two new series this past January, which she has written under the name VR Thode.

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She has her own website at Thodestool.com.

You can also reach her on social media and Goodreads.








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