A Star Wars Tribute to Carrie Fisher

A Star Wars Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Yesterday was the first day of Orlando’s Star Wars Celebration, with panels, guests (including Chuck Wendig of terribleminds.com) and everything Star Wars.

A beautiful video celebrating the incredible Carrie Fisher has been released.

As a girl, Princess Leia (along with Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Lindsay Wagner’s Bionic Woman), was one of my icons.  I was shown strong and beautiful women who not only shaped my views of women but also started my love of sci-fi.

Here is the tribute from yesterday at the convention with George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, and daughter Billie Lourd.

The world lost a badass woman (and sadly, we lost her mother Debbie Reynolds a day  later).  The legacy that she has left, just like the universe that Leia lived in, will endure for a very long time.

Out of all the pictures and quotes that I could have picked, this one seemed to suit her best.



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1st Anniversary/ My Favourite Posts

1st Anniversary/ My Favourite Posts

Happy anniversary to me!

Hi everyone!  It was one year ago (April 11th to be exact) that I did my first post for this blog.  I’ve covered a fair bit of ground since then, from opinions and interviews, to poetry and reblogs.

To celebrate, I would like to share a few of my favourite posts.  These are not necessarily my most popular, but ones that I particularly enjoyed putting together.  Check them out!

Conventions:  Cosplay – as a regular attendee of Fan Expo Canada, I used this event to do a series of posts on various aspects of a typical convention.  One of my favourites was covering cosplay.  It is one of the most expressive forms of fandom that you will ever see, and the talent and originality of the costumes are always one of the highlights of any convention.

Convention Artist Interviews – These were just fun.  Liz Parkes, Ken Wheaton and Alex Chung gave me a chance to try out my interviewer skills and each offered a unique glimpse into the world of the convention artist.

The Perfect Writer’s Block – This was my first WRITER post and the how I met some of my online writing friends.  It was also my first chance to work my way back to becoming a writer.

Stephen King, Madness and the Monster – This was one of those posts that just HAPPENED.  I came across King’s essay for Playboy and it just evolved from there.

W.I.G.’s Top 20 Awesome Canadian Sci-Fi Film Stars – I will never underestimate the time it takes to do a list like this EVER AGAIN….but it was fun!  I even did a second one.

Space Oddities-08.21.2016: TNO Niku – My first Space Oddities post.  This is still one of  the coolest articles that I have come across.  Unfortunately there have been changes to the site of the second article and it can no longer be viewed.

What Is Mom Guilt Teaching Our Kids? – It’s okay to be a parent who isn’t perfect.

The Writers’ Party – Sometimes you just need a little motivation from some people who know a thing or two about the craft.

A Writer’s Conversation with Her Madness  – To keep sane, you need to go a little mad.

My own little writing quotes – For those times that you just need a boost.

Space Oddities-10.30.2016: ISS tour and Artificial Meteors – The International  Space Station and meteors on demand.  How cool is this!!!

I have really enjoyed working on this blog and it was great to stroll down memory lane.   🙂

Feel free to comment and share any posts of mine that you have enjoyed!

Thanks for everything guys!!!   🙂  🙂 🙂


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A Binge-Watching Hangover

A Binge-Watching Hangover

6 a.m.

That’s what time I went to bed this morning.

Was it homework?  A Camp NaNoWriMo writing session?

Nope.  It was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Now, first of all, I typically don’t do “all nighters”.  I am usually toast by midnight on a good night at best.

Actually, it has been a while since I have done this.  This weekend is unusual because the kids are off today and my husband is away at a Scout camp (see the pics at the end, the area is gorgeous).  I JUST finished my last course for this term and have breather before the next ones start.  Right now I have the RARE opportunity (which only comes on when the hubby is away) to watch shows that no one else wants to.  Tonight’s guilty pleasure will probably be Grace and Frankie .


So, what is it about binge-watching? Or binge-reading for that matter?  What draws us into a story line that has us give up hours of time that could be spent doing things like, oh I don’t know…


It’s a chance to catch up on something that we really enjoy I guess, and in my case, the only time that I have to do this is staying up all night.

It’s not just reminiscing over a favourite show either.  My family and I have binge-watched both Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.  There have been more than a few books that I have started to read and had difficulty putting down.

It really is a luxury, and not one that any of us have a chance to do often.  Many of us (including myself), have a sense of guilt about doing it.  That we should take that time for other things.  Frankly, I am not the type to go out and get my hair done, or do spa days or anything.  Losing myself for hours on end over entertainment is my getaway.

And you know what?  That’s okay.  My house is clean, my kids are fed, and the world will not end if I forget about it for a few (um…7) hours.  After this weekend, I have no idea when I will get a chance to do this again.

What about you guys?  Do you binge-watch or binge-read?  What is your latest guilty pleasure?  Tell me all about it!!

Oh, and as mentioned, here are photos from my husband’s Scout camp.

jaycamp2  Jaycamp


Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!  It’s time for me to get some COFFEE and Camp NaNoWriMo WRITING done.  🙂


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